Yes Actually About 4 This Month

I have a soft heart I guess because here lately movies and books have been able to make me cry.I didnt use to be this way used to be I could read or watch sad stuff and be fine yet about 6 movies and 4 books have made me cry just this month.The books was A child called it,The lost boy,A man named Dave and One Child.A Child called It is about a boy who gets abused by his mother while his family pretends it isnt happening,The lost boy is when They take that little boy from her and put him in foster care and a man named dave is where he tries to forgive her. One  child is about a girl with mental problems and the teacher that refused to give up on her.
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He is my hero to never met anyone else that has felt like that.Torey Hayden is my other hero.

Yes Torey Hayden wrote that book and I loved it.I am waiting for Tigers child and Somebody elses kids by her to .