Books That Made Me Cry....

'A Prayer for Owen Meany' by John Irving

'Dry' by Augusten Burroughs

'The Little Prince' by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry

.... likely more I cannot think of now.
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The Lovers Dictionary...... Leviathan
Odd format with poignant moments

A Severe Mercy......Vanauken
Older book.... theology plus romance.
Don't recommend this one but it did touch me.

Small, small world. I finished "...Owen Meany" about 2 months ago. I had a really hard time staying away from it. I'd have liked to sat & read it in one sitting. Wouldn't be able to walk after all that time but hey, so what, for a good book that is. I've made note of the titles of a couple mentioned here so I can check them out. I already have "Cider House Rules" just haven't read it yet. Take care everyone.

There are not many books that really make me cry, but there's one I really cried while I read it... It's a Finnish one, "Älä itke, enkeli" by Tuula Lehtineva~ If someone Finnish wants to read that... I loved it.

I too enjoyed Owen Meany, I thought it was a masterpiece of a book. John Irving is a very talented author. I have "alzheimers" (kinda) so I might go back and check out world according to garp, I can't remember it but I know I read it, I think :)

It's been a long time since I read Garp or saw the movie. As a child, I loved the movie. And I actually didn't see Jenny Fields as insane. I saw her as eccentric and powerful. She was one of my favorite characters when I was a girl, and I loved Glenn Close, as well. Also - Garp's wife. Maybe a bit cold but I don't think so cruel or insane. Anyhow, John Irving's women are generally off the wall, as are most of his male characters, as well. I have only read 3 books by him, but the latest - Hotel New Hampshire - featured very loved and loving women, and powerful, leaving me with the impression that he has great respect for women and appreciates all manner of them/us. I like the guy. Some day I'll re-read Garp. It's not much like the movie, BTW. A LOT of differences between the movie and the book. I prefer the book (not always the case).

I seen the movie The World acording to Garp so I can't compare it to the book. I think the movie was very Anti-women. All the females were cold, cruel, or insane, The only positive women in the movie were John Gilgoodes charactor[ who was a transexeul not a real woman and the prostitute.] The book might be different but the movie Sucked.

I've read John Irving books but not the one you mentioned. I have read the other two also. We were just talking about the Little Prince yesterday & I was trying to think of the author's name for Dry just yesterday. I think I have read all the other Augusten Burroughs books too but I can't remember the names now offhand but they were all good. Don't think they necessarily made me cry though. Again, I can't remember. My brain is a sieve, I tell ya!

Finished 'Hotel New Hampshire' a month ago. Good stuff! And yes, I jerked a wee tear, though not like Owen Meany.

A Prayer for Owen Meany is one of my favorite books of all time...his new novel Twisted River is good, too.

fr8 - fu*king fantastic, eh? Think I may haveta read it again.

'A Prayer for Owen Meany' and 'The World According to Garp' are the only John Irving novels I've yet read. Have 'Hotel New Hampshire' waiting for me at the library, tho.

"story of two cities'' make me cry too!<br />
and the holy book of islam too quran or koran