Sweethearts By Sara Zarr

I never really liked to read books, and I first read this book when I was 15 and it had been the only book that I finished in tow days. I felt like the author had written my childhood story, only exchanging some of the stories for my own it could have been me. It is about a girl who has a childhood sweetheart that comes back into her life and then leaves again. And she tries to discover if she ever truly loved him or how could she love him and the place that he will always have in her heart. A boy I had known since before I could talk fit the bill for me in this story, and I now have the last chapter of the book memorized because i truly helped me realize why I still think and feel the way I do about my ex.
mustanggirl3010 mustanggirl3010
18-21, F
Oct 31, 2011