I read this book called Acheron by Sherilynn Kenyon. This is a wonderful book that really humbled me and they way they treated this poor boy made me cry. They basically sold this boy into prostitution and treated him very badly and although almost everyone treated him like crap he grew up to be a very kind a giving man. Oh and he is also powerful!! But it has a happy ending so don't feel too bad!
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I have all Sherrilyn Kenyons books :) Started reading Dark Hunters in my teens so when Acherons book finally came out i brought it straight away! Read it in one night and cried, laughed and sighed lol (i'm not a girl that usually cries lol). Anyway me and my best friends have read them all and always after we buy junk food and just gush about it all :)

The book is well written.

I adored that book and it made me cry like a baby lol

I have read all the Dark Hunters. I love those books. Archeron is sad. I hate crying and this one made me.

Yeah I have read all the dark hunter books also and they all bring me to the point where I might cry, they just go through so much pain.

I LOVED this book! And yes, I cried in parts of it too. Even worse was the fact that he could suffer over and over and WHY he would do so. (His heritage. Don't want to give away too much of the plot). I've run into several of Sherilyn's books that would make a person weep over the traumas her characters have endured! But the happy ending was nearly enough to make me weep as well! :)

omg you are so awesome!! you are like the first person I have heard that read the book and read more of her books!!