A Must Read.

Before I always thought my life was terrible.
everybody suffers in their own way, even the people who have alot of money suffer, you don't need to live in a bad community or be poor to suffer, however I realized thanks to this book my suffering is trivial compared to others and I should just live my life strongly!.

ONE LITER OF TEARS written by Aya Kitou and translated to English from Japanese, really changes your view on life, you feel gratefull, alot of people who read books think "it change you? it's just a book, it will never change me!" It's not just a book, it's a girls diary, and it will change you, it will make you view your life and fortunate life in a better way, it will make you happier you got the chance to live and can run freely and speak even when you ponder jumping of the bridge the book can make you see your good life, this book that has sold over a million copies can change the reader, the powerful heart of the author, the girl who strugged to hard to write everday despite her sevre disablities moves you. to me it's a shame not many people now about her, her diary is just as moving and inspiring as Anne franks and should be read. not only does it open your eyes to other cultures and beliefs but to a life of what a disabled person really is like.
Aya at 14 was diagnosed with spinocerebellar degeneration disease, an incurable genetic disease of the neurogical system which causes the neurons in the cerebellum to become broken and eventually destroyed completly, victims slowly but progressivly loose the ability to walk, talk, eat properly and freely move their major and fine motor functions. eventually the patient is bedridden and cannot even simply turn their body over on their own, Aya wrote in her diary for 5 consecutive years before she lost the abilty to move her fingers properly and couldn't write anymore.
Aya was originally given her diary to write in before she even know about her disease, as the disease progresses she not only talked about the physical changes but the social and emotional changes in her life that went with it. before she got the disease she could run and speak freely, and had normal dreams of love and a job, the things she can remember herself doing in her past is no more, and it saddened her, this diary became a safe haven to write her dreams and wishes and opinions about things now that she is disabled, not only was the disease cruel because it slowly paralzyes you but i doesn't effect the mental thinking at all, a victim is completly aware of their bodies problems and aware of peoples stares and voices around them, they can also think about things they'd like to do and want normally, however since you loose the ability to move and speak your right of being able to express yourself freely is taken away.
Aya passed away may 11 1988 surronded by her family, her mother and doctor both worked together to publish her diary in 1986 only two yearse before her death. Aya was in a coma at the time of her death and passed away peacefully, listening to her favorite cassette tape, surronded by her dearest ones.
this book is a must read for anybody.
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It is beautiful book about hope and being alive. There are also movie and drama-series version of that book