Anne Frank

I could relate to her so well and she came alive in the writing...then the diary suddenly stopped. I could not stop crying for ages. She didn't even get to be as old as me!

It got me so angry at war and how so much life is wasted.

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Thank you! I am touched by your kind words: I have never been told that I am a person of "exceptional compassion" before.<br />
Until reading the answers to your question, I didn't actually know that many people viewed Kafka's Metamorphosis as a silly, pointless story. It hit a nerve deep down with me. You're right - it is about all of us.

It also reminds us that all these victims we hear about are people too. They have thoughts, feelings and passions just like we do. Often, the scale of things is hard to comprehend and it's things like this that brings it back to us.

That is definitely a tear jerker. I believe your outrage is well placed. At least we all had the benefit to learn what it was like for those poor, unfortunate people, even if it was sad.....