Stories That Always Made Me Cry...

The Happy Prince - fairytale - a statue of a golden prince watches over his city and can see people in need of help so he asks a swallow to pluck out the gems and gold leaves on his statue and take them to the poor - the swallow stays with the prince right through the cold winter and finally dies at his feet..

The Little Match Girl - fairytale - a poor girl tries to sell her matches in the cold winter but finally strikes her matches one by one - seeing wonders in its light and feeling the warmth for a few seconds until she finally sleeps in the snow, never to wake again..

When Rabbit Howls by Truddi Chase - the true story of a little girl sexually abused since 3 yrs old who develops multiple personalities

Sybil by Flora Rheta Schreiber - the true story of a girl abused by her schizophrenic mother who develops multiple personalities

Broken by Shy Keenan - another true story of child sex abuse and molestation

A Child called 'It' by David Pelzer - the true story of a boy tortured and starved by his own mother



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...and Call of the Wild by Jack London and lots of other animal stories that really tug at the heart-strings...

a child called it is that saddest book i have read in a long time.. i cried through the whole thing

I am always looking for a good book to read. Thank you.

I read the book "Odd Thomas" and cried at the end of it... i saw myself really connecting with the main character because we are so similar...

They made a movie based on Sybil's life. <br />
Then, it was Sybil or another gal that they had on Oprah Winfrey several years back. I cried over that episode! Not the book or movie, but the live person. The trauma was horrendous, esp. concidering it was done as a child. <br />
But like you, I've cried over a good book. Sometimes it wasn't even a sad part! Sometimes it was such a "tender" good ending that caused it! :O