I Want Share This Book a Dream of Red Mansions

today I want share one of my favorite books. A Dream of Red Mansions

it's one of the most important literature of Chinese. It got several translated versions, but none of them is as good as the original.

this book is a mystery and there is a Red foudation which is founded to study the book.

The story took place in ancient China, Tsing Dynasty, which is about 16th,17th century

and it's about a big royal and extremely wealthy  family. which got hunderds of family members and  thousands of maids and helps.

the main charactors are all women except for one leading charator, Jia Bao yu,(  that's why they call it"red mansion".)

Of cos there are other male members but all the dominated position in this family are filled by women.

Jia was born with a jade in his mouth. and he was gave birth to by the first wife of his father, so that's very important in ancient China.

and that's why he got all the family attension and loves. Also he is very beautiful.

But he isnt spoiled. he loves women and he respects woman. No matter they are sisters, cousins ,or maids.

He falls in love with one of his cousins, Lin,(but wasnt allowed to ,not because they are relatives but b cus Jia is predestined in this life to marry another cousin) .

well actually Jia is a homosexual. he loves anything beautiful, no matter man or woman. he falls in love with many women in the mansion, and 2 guys. it's just  lin is the most important one.

the family finally declines cus it falls into disfavor with the Emperor, their mansions are confiscated. Jia is so sad and he becomes a monk.

He feels that no matter how many beautiful things he has owned in his life,eventually it will comes down to nothing.

Most people agree that the book is telling us life is but an empty dream.

yes that's sad.

But what attracts me most is that how these people in ancient China live a decent life.

They are not a bunch of roral family live in indulgence and ****.

they have  taste for food and gardening, music  and poetry. they live with manner and grace.

the story is a mystery and it takes so many people to study it cus it got so many things hidden behind the lines.


the beginning of book is a poem, which gives away all the desitinies of the charactors.

it plays with their names  to indicate what's gona happen.

it's really worth reading more than once.




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this seems like a very interesting book where can i get a copy?