Like Learning A Foreign Language At First

I started studying ACIM during the late 80's, but I realize now that I was only scratching the surface for many years. Only recently have I really began to 'grok' what the Course is teaching. One really needs to be dedicated to changing one's perception and thus see the world in a much different way, free of suffering and striving. It is all about perceiving how the ego self incessantly filters our world view causing us to feel seperate and limited, when in fact we are infinite and integrated into the ONENESS from which we derive our very being.  
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"but I realize now that I was only scratching the surface for many years."<br />
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Yep, I know how that goes. I studied the course from 2004 to 2011, and then, I started up again, right now 2012. (I'm doing the ACIM all over agin, this time, more diligently.)<br />
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I'm doing it again, because I really want to understand these lessons, I really do want to see the world differently, I really do want to understand the nature of a miracle, I really do want to be that person who's like, oh, yeah, it was so obvious all along, nothing real can be threatened, nothing unreal exists, herein lies the peace of God, duh! <br />
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But right now it's not like that. Instead of duh, it's like huh? I'm wondering does it ever really, fully, completely takes? And if I have to ask, will I ever get there?

I already did. That's where I found out that 99.9% of you are still into the Forgiveness-to-destroy attitude with a spiritualized ego. Keep looking in.

Nevertheless I find Liz Cronkite''s blog very enlightening and eye opening

And also btw, The Course IS about finding and maintaining any situation. I'm not going to go into great detail but in the 70's I experienced an emotional drying with no thoughts going on. I didn't know what it was then but I do was ego death. No "I" so Liz is right this is about ridding yourself of the emotional charges so you don't have to feel any discomfort or react to them in any way. This the way addictions work and why the ego is a living type entity. Very ugly too btw. My time on Ep has been about "why" when there is no "why" there just IS...Acceptance in any situation so I'm about done here anyway at Ep.

I can go on and on but I simply find her experience simply resonates with mine the teachings of Jacob Glass as well google him.

Be well.

Peace is already there. It is your foundation. So it is always about letting go of the mind's stranglehold on our being. I find that just reminding myself to choose the most loving response in every moment helps me stay grounded in Truth.

According to ACIM 'our safety lies in our defenselessness' because in our true state which is SPIRIT there is no cause to fear. As soon as we start resisting someone or something we are not operating at the level of MIND, but rather we are dreaming that we are a body which is being threatened, and thus we are at the level of effect. I think when we finally 'get it', i.e., that I AM NOT A BODY, I AM FREE, we understand there is nothing to be fearful about. When fear comes up for me I remind myself that whatever seems to be happening in 'the world' is only there to teach me to choose God's thought system which is always unconditional love. If we choose fear instead we are choosing to play by the worlds rules and we can never succeed. Only by letting go of the false notion that we exist as a body can we live in total freedom. All that comes and goes, all that passes before our perception, is not who we truly are.

More and more I experience less and less of lower vibration personalities. Kenneth Wapnick was fond of saying 'like attracts like, like perceives like'. If we are perceiving anything but the truth in others then it is our perception which needs healing. Otherwise, aren't we saying that we can only be happy when the world changes to our liking? And then we are in the ego's territory, playing a victim. But how can a child of god be a victim? A victim of who? There is only God. All else is delusion.

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The modern day English language is a product of the industrial revolution and Newtonian physics which is ba<x>sed on reductionism. So, even the very language that we use and think with is ba<x>sed on the illusion that we are all isolated and seperated from SOURCE in a static world. English is one of the most noun driven languages on the planet, especially when compared to more primitive languages which have very few nows because they do not conceptualize as much from the ego self. They see life as an interconnected web that is in constant flux. The aboriginies in Austrailia even refer to this world as 'dreamtime' in a similar way to the way the Course refers to this reality.<br />
Sorry for rambling a little, it is getting late and my body (of which I am not) is calling out for sleep!

So true. I picked up studing the Course just 3 years ago but since then i already realized that it is more about unlearning what we think we know about life than about learning anything new.