Son Of Cloud

 I love The Course and I also write children's stories. This is a parable I wrote and I would like to share it with other Course students.  I hope you like it.

                                          THE SON OF CLOUD
                    (A Children’s Parable about the Course In Miracles)
By James R. Hixson
                                                        Page 1
            In the beginning there was only one big beautiful cloud made up of many different drops of water. Cloud was a creator and therefore he needed to create. One day he extended part of himself forward and created a son. This new billowy being was called the son of Cloud. He was created in his father’s image and was just as big and beautiful as his father was. The two clouds were very happy. They loved each other very much and enjoyed floating high above the ground, basking in the warm sun light that shone down from above.
                                                        Page 2
            The two heavenly beings were very important to the world. Their task was to provide shade for the lizards and other small creatures that lived below. The overheated animals could escape the heat and could rest quietly in the large dark area. Each day the son of Cloud enjoyed watching the little animals as they played in the cool dry shadow that he and his father provided.
                                                         Page 3
            One day, as the son watched two small lizards chasing each other on the distant ground, he wished that he could be a part of their wonderful little game.  “Father,” he asked, “would it be alright if I went down to the shadow world to play with the tiny creatures? They seem to be having so much fun down there.” His father told him that clouds were not meant to live down on the ground. “The sky is our world,” his father said confidently, “and we must remain up here.”
                                                         Page 4
            The son of cloud didn’t fully understand what his father had told him, but he tried to accept the fact that he would never be able to play with the smaller animals down below. As time went on the son of Cloud began to feel sad about his lot in life. “Why can’t I go down to the shadow world?” he thought to himself. Little by little the son’s mind began to think in two different ways. The top half of him wanted to listen to his father and stay where he was, but his bottom half desperately wanted to go play in the shade.
                                             Page 5
That night he fell asleep and dreamed of what it would be like to live on the ground and play with the smaller creatures. The next morning he discovered that his bottom half had begun to grow dark and the drops were starting to feel heavy. He loved his father very much but eventually the pull of gravity became too much for him and he couldn’t hold back any longer.  In one terrible moment the son of cloud split in two and many of his drops began to fall. The drops rained down on the shadow world and formed a puddle within the dark area beneath the clouds.
                                             Page 6
At first it was wonderful. The small creatures played with the drops, and the drops had never known such happiness. They congratulated each other on their decision to leave the clouds and fall to earth. Each moment of play was happier then the next, but soon the excitement began to fade. The small lizards grew tired of the game and left the shade to return to the warm sunlight beyond the darkened circle. When the creatures were gone the drops began to grow bored and restless.
                                             Page 7
 “What have we done?” they thought to themselves, “We have left our home to play a game that could not last.”  The drops started feeling fear for the first time and they began to forget where they had come from. When they looked up at the clouds they couldn’t remember that they had once lived up there among them. They began to worship the clouds and felt that they were unworthy to even look at the heavenly beings. Soon the fear they were feeling turned to anger. The drops started blaming each other for things that they hadn’t even done.
                                              Page 8
A terrible war took hold of the puddle. Drops were fighting drops and the darkness of the shadow world seemed to be closing in around them. Finally when it seemed like there was no hope left, a miracle happened. Several of the tiny drops began to hear a voice from up above. It was the son of Cloud, and he was calling for all of the drops to return home. The first seven drops to reach the edge of the shadow prepared to do as they were told.
                                             Page 9
The son of Cloud had told them that they were supposed to step out of the darkness and into the light. Then they would be brought back up into the sky where they belonged. The first drop, A-men, was called forward. He was smiling as he left the darkness and slid into the light. Immediately he evaporated and disappeared. The other drops were shocked. “What happened?” they asked each other.  “Oh no, he dried,” a fearful drop yelled, “There must be some kind of mistake. Cloud wouldn’t do this to us.”
                                            Page 10
When the next two drops, B-leave and C-ker were called forward and evaporated as well, the crowd was terrified.  By the time the forth drop D-feat was called, he was so scared that he chose to ignore the voice from above. “I don’t want to dry,” he screamed. When D-feat moved away from the light the entire crowd began to panic. The fifth drop in line was a small minded drop named E-go, and he began to speak to the fearful drops. “Listen, my friends,” the foolish drop yelled, “Cloud has become angry with us for leaving him and this is his way of punishing us. If we ignore the call of Cloud we will be safe.”  
                                             Page 11
When E-go himself was finally called, he just laughed and said, “No, not me, I won’t be fooled by your deadly trap.” Since there was no reply from the fourth or fifth drops, the son of Cloud moved on and called the sixth drop whose name was F-ert. He was scared, but decided to answer the call anyway. He moved toward the light but was stopped by E-go and D-feet. The scared little drop was unable to get past them. Finally the call came down for the seventh drop. His name was G-zus and he was a special drop.
                                              Page 12
Unlike the E-go, G-zus understood what was going on and began speaking to the frightened crowd. “Everyone, we’re making a mistake. Just because we can’t see the drops when they leave the darkness, it doesn’t mean they are gone.” G-zus quickly slid past the E-go and D-feet and stopped just short of the light.  “Watch what happens when I enter the light,” G-zus said smiling. Then the bold little drop slid forward and vaporized in the light.  E-go was the first to speak, “See I told you so. He has dried just like the others.” The crowd swarmed in panic until a small voice echoed out of the shimmering sunlight.
                                                Page 13
“I’m still here!” G-zus yelled, “I’ve just changed shape. Don’t let the E-go project his fears onto you.” At that moment, F-ert became so inspired that he raced past the E-go. He was smiling as he slid out of the shadow. This time, however, when F-ert disappeared the crowd was not quite so shocked. Instead they began to make up their own minds and one by one slid out of the darkness and entered into the light. The E-go and D-feet tried to stop them but G-zus’s words led the way until all of the drops had escaped from the shadowy prison.
                                                 Page 14
Soon there were only two drops left. They were E-go and D-feat. The E-go was still frightened, but D-feat was beginning to understand. He shook his head and with a determined look on his face headed toward the edge of the shadow world. E-go reached out to stop him. “D-feat where are you going?  Aren’t you afraid of drying?” D-feat stopped for only a second, looking annoyed by his old friend. “Stop calling me D-feat.” he said firmly, “I’m D-cision now, and I think it is time for me to go home. When D-cision left the darkness, the E-go felt a loneliness he had never known before.  “I’m all alone now,” E-go thought to himself.
                                                 Page 15
The lonely little drop was surprised to hear a familiar voice coming to him from the edge of his darkened world. “No you’re not,” the voice said. E-go recognized the voice immediately. It was the voice of G-zus. “I’m still here,” G-zus said, “and I will help you find your way home if you will only trust me.”  E-go was ashamed of what he had said and done. He told G-zus that he didn’t feel worthy enough to go back home. G-zus laughed from within the light and told the E-go that the clouds had forgiven him the moment he had left. “We all want you to come home,” G-Zus said, “and we all forgive you for what you think you have done.”
                                               Page 16
For the first time in E-go’s life he truly felt happy. In that one Holy Instant he realized that he too was a part of the clouds and that the son of Cloud would never be whole again without him. His fear faded instantly and he immediately found the courage to slide out into the light. The moment he did he changed and became E-ger. He suddenly realized that he never really was just an E-go. The E-go was simply a frightening mask he had worn during his life in the shadow. He had allowed fear to cause him to forget his true identity as an import piece of the son of Cloud.
                                               Page 17
When E-ger discovered this, he began to feel so light that he started floating off the ground.   He looked up and could see G-zus hovering just above him. He followed G-zus and the others up into the air and towards the clouds. When it was his turn to enter into the son of Cloud he and G-zus went in together. The moment E-ger entered, he knew that he was finally back home and he was safe.
                                                Page 18
Once he was whole again the Son of Cloud discovered the real truth. He had never actually left his home in the clouds. It had all been just a really bad dream. This made him smile and he felt an overwhelming sense of peace as he nestled himself deep into the heart of the son of Cloud.  
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Great job! I loved it and I'm sharing it with every child in my family.. Publish this :)

It's a really cute allegory.