Return To Eternity

As a student of the course, I heard the voice for God speaking to me and thought I would share it.  This is what came through:

Return to Eternity
From within the void
I held steadfast as truth,
Came an instant upon which
True vision shined through.
All I had believed
To hold everlasting merit,
Was but a tiny deception
I traded truth for, to share it.
Now here in space and time
I search for an answer,
To the end of all suffering,
Loss, and disaster.
What once was eternal
Now seems to be lost,
Replaced by the sin
For which death is the cost.
What is this place
where blindly I prod?
How do I deserve this
As a child of God?
My heart burns with anger
As I find who to blame,
And so I condemn,
I do so in His name.
For the answers I hear
Guide me as a foe
And say, "Find the guilty,
Condemn them to know!"
So further and further
I follow my guide,
Until I have no place to turn,
But inside.
It's here where the answer,
So quiet and still,
Speaks gently with power
On behalf of your will.
The fear of surrender
To my power above,
Is all that had kept me
From knowledge and love.
There it had been,
Not lost to be found,
But spread out among us
In the air and upon the ground.
So much time goes by wasted
Saving others from sin,
By the very mind that made them,
And who’s game it is to win.
What a joy to have vision
Of only that which is real,
For now all seen as evil
Becomes a tool used to heal.
Now as I step closer
To the white pearly gates,
The burden is lifted
And innocence awaits.
So what more must I do
To cross into the throne,
But to know myself as worthy,
Having never left home.
JTFriesen JTFriesen
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