I began to look into the ACIM after an experience in A.A. caused me to change my views about religion, spirituality, and Jesus. While there's some awesome and usable things in there,  I learned that the belief system that teachers of the ACIM teach is that "God does not know that we are here" I don't agree with that. If you look at all the people that have had near death experiences they talk of an encounter of a very bright light that filled them with an overwhelming sense of Love and Peace unlike anything they've felt before, this was very much like the experience I had in A.A. except I was still alive. I am sure that this Light is God and it has often "spoke" to people saying that "It wasn't their time yet"

How would this entity know about that if it didn't know at least something about that person? That soul?

Also there's a question in The Manual For Teachers that asks; Can God Be Reached Directly?

The following is an excerpt from that question where "Jesus" states;

There are those who have reached God directly, retaining no trace of worldly limits and remembering their own Identity perfectly.  These might be called the Teachers of teachers because, although they are no longer visible, their image can yet be called upon.  And they will appear when and where it is helpful for them to do so.  To those to whom such appearances would be frightening, they give their ideas.  No one can call on them in vain.  Nor is there anyone of whom they are unaware.  All needs are known to them, and all mistakes are recognized and overlooked by them.  The time will come when this is understood.  And meanwhile, they give all their gifts to the teachers of God who look to them for help, asking all things in their Name and in no other.

Someone, or "Something" most certainly does know we're here.
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Also came to ACIM after AA-- it doesn't say "God does not know that we are here"

It says God does not recognize our illusions. He does not know us as anything other than we have always been.

I find the difference in AA to ACIM to sort of boil down to perception... and whether you want to peel away all the layers or only crack the surface. In AA, I was only able to crack the surface. AA (not AA, but I should say after-sobriety), I was left with a lot of unresolved free-floating guilt that I couldn't really attribute to anything. ACIM was my answer.

Glad I found somebody else that had similar experience though. Peace.