How To Reconcile The Course's Teachings With Other Religious Doctrines

I first just want to say that I understand the main point of the course is to experience peace and understand our true nature and oneness with God. But even so I find myself having questions about how to reconcile the Course's teachings with other religious doctrines.
The Course doesn't come out and say it's laying down doctrine, but it does in a way. I personally am LDS and find an incredible amount of parallels between Mormon doctrine and what the Course talks about. However, there are some disparities. And not just with LDS teachings, but with Christianity in general.
I'm not going to bring up specific differences, but just point out where the concern is coming from. And that is that the LDS religion claims to be led directly by Jesus Christ and that its doctrines are directly inspired by God. In other words, it's a package deal. Accept the Church completely rather than the a la carte approach to religion that many people attempt. I find the same line of thought in the Course. I really wish I could remember where it is and I'll add it later, but it says that something is either of God or of the ego, never both. And it continues that that applies to the Course itself. It is either wholly of God, or wholly wrong. There is no way in heck it is wholly wrong and I fully believe it is of God, but I also have has spiritual confirmations about my LDS faith, both very powerful spiritual experiences.
I could go on, but I won't for now. Any thoughts?
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you cannot reconcile north and south but both may lead you to the same destination (eventually, metaphoric to your idea) I don't think or believe there is one way to find home. but there is only one way, that you will. I try to not judge the paths :)

Thanks, I like that. The issue I run in to is that when I turn to those principles for comfort then I realize they come from a certain source (ACIM) and I have to first embrace the source to validate the principle.
Overall I am finding peace in broad sense and I would just like to work some of these things out as little details, but I do need to trust more and figure out less.