I Can Taste Food That I See

Can anyone explain what's happening to me
I can taste food that I see
Like there is a food program on the tv I can taste what that man is cooking
Can anyone explain what is that
Or do u know someone have the same thing
thank you
Soly2070 Soly2070
2 Responses Dec 22, 2012

i can't do it as much anymore, well not trying is more like it.

i don't think it's like tasting colors or smelling sounds or feeling light or anything like that.

be it thinking about apple pie, even people describing what they put in their apple pie, you get an idea what to expect when it's going to be made. gives you an idea of who's going to make an apple pie you like more.

it could be a picture you see, the recipe, people talking and preparing it on TV, or at the grocery store (without smelling it) and being able to taste it still in the box.

others could say "well you've tasted it before so you know what to expect" or you could smell it so you know, or your just imagining it, ... these people don't know what it's like to be able to taste something, to honestly taste it without first putting it in their mouth.

as for what it is, ... too many people think of the material as the end-all & be-all of all that is, then some add souls to the mix, but they talk about it as if a soul is something that comes after or that the soul depends on the body. ... i think it was C.S. Lewis "you are not a body that has a soul, you are a soul that has a body"

if we think of the world as absolutly physical we experience the world that way. if we can accept the physical is an aspect of our experience, but not the everything, then we can see that the physical may just be in our minds, and if it's in our minds everything in our minds we can bear witness to. so tasting an apple someone else is eating, or the feel of distant rain showers in a tropical jungle, or the warmth of a morning sunrise while your eating dinner. they're all out there, and nothing is stopping us from experiencing them unless we insist the physical is the end-all & be-all of everything.

that being said, it's easy for people to pick it apart because it doesn't agree with what they think is going on around them or to them. because it's not the way they see the world around them they refuse to see anything any different from what they believe things are.

Synaesthesia, it's an ability to taste colors or smell sounds. Tried to send a link but it's not allowed. wwww Science20.com has some info on it.

Hope this helps.