The Truth!

I beleive that this is the actual truth that Jesus, Buddha and Mohamed all were speaking of. This is a guide book to understanding the nature of reality. I love it!

Although I was raised Baptist I never could understand the Bible or what it was trying to teach beyond the Ten Commandments. So I gravitated toward Buddhism and meditation which I still believe is a practical way of living and being in the world. It just that the course is so much easier to access! And understand.

For those of you looking for more analysis I would recommend a podcast called a Crash Course in Miracles.


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easier that the published course in miracles.
have a look at the URText.
if you spent a bit of time learning Helen's shorthand you can find the original hand-written manuscripts.

the extra commentary that is totally removed is still present, this gives the course a great depth and ability to see how it's applied in our lives. you get to see correction & commentary between Helen, her hubby, and jesus.

instead of struggling as i did with the published course in miracles it was made extremely clear and understandable so i could get right down to learning to apply it in my own life.


the text is changed extensively. almost given a different meaning.
if your thinking this is just due to removing the commentary, it's not, there's lots that was removed, what remained was changed to remove any reference to the removed sections.

changes in the course lessons were limited to grammatical corrections, like changes to a single word to make it more grammatically correct.

the text was not so well preserved.


going from shorthand to UR text is minor grammatical corrections, everything else seems to have been kept intact. ... well the bits i've looked at, haven't gone through the entire text or any other part, but the bits i've gone over everything is still present.

I'd recommend Eckhart Tolle's A New Earth and The Power Of Now, to me it's The Course in a nutshell.

The Course changed my life, period.
I now know we are not our egos even though our egos constantly teach us we are.

I read the first 20 lessons of the course in miracles one morning. By lesson 20 I had a major epiphany that I wrote about in my blog post, "A new Paradigm for the World." It was life changing for about two years then I lost it, I've been re-listening to the lessons, but haven't gotten the peace I felt back yet. Lost it when I stopped looking inside and looked outside for solutions. But I am determined to see things differently again.

I've been studying ACIM for going on eight years now....yes, there is something deeply metaphysical about it, but how- and are we supposed to?- reconcile it with our daily lives?<br />
<br />
Well, in some ways it's obvious to me how we are supposed to do others, not so much.

I too am studying the Course. I found Gary Renard books to be very helpful understanding what the Course is teaching.

Actually it says Exactly that.<br />
<br />
Have you read it ?

No, This teaching is wrong as it doesn't teach that Jesus Christ is the Way, the Truth and The Light! Not Budda or Mahamad.

I Expereinced God in 2003 in Direct Revelation<br />
I was gifted ACIM in 2004 a year later<br />
<br />
I can assure you that ACIM is the TRUTH...............<br />
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