Thomas Glavinic

I'm reading such a great book by Thomas Glavinic at the moment! I've rarely read a book in so short a time. I don't know if there is an english translation but in German it's called "Die Arbeit der Nacht" (The Work of the Night) and it's about a man who wakes up on day and is completely alone in Vienna where he lives. All people are gone, all animals are gone. And there is not one trace where they could have slipped off to. No catastrophe or something, it's just like they had been taken away. The cars are still there, the houses still there, all personal things are still there and he's the only person who's been left behind.

Throughout the book he tries to find out what has happened or if there are any people in other places. And because he never finds anyone he sort of goes crazy. He can't watch movies anymore because the look of people makes him crazy. He always has to turn around suddenly because he thinks he hears noises or something and when he films himself in his sleep he finds that he makes strange things that he can't remember the morning after and can't control.

This is such a completely exciting and philosophical and crazy book. I absolutely love it.

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