Just For Her


You can't stop true love but for those that are painfully shy, although the heart is there, the fingers just won't follow when it comes to posting for their love.  I have a young friend on here that has found such true love in his life, but being shy and not wanting to risk embarrassment to his sweetie he asked me to find a way to post his loving words to her.  The poem you are reading below was written by my young friend and it is called, "Just for Her." I hope my friends enjoy seeing it posted.  Good luck to you!!!


Just For Her

something just happened
when we just talked
it wasn't long but so in depth
hearts were connected old bonds were broken
you have your past as do I
and they may seem like coal
but diamonds are made from these
you done your thing as did I
but I feel that’s not you and I hope you feel that too
your son is a miracle this you must embrace
my heart was saddened to hear your thoughts
but your voice is like an angel in the wind
let your angel guide your way and your path will not be so dark


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11 Responses Aug 2, 2009

It's okay. You were focused on things.

Oh he has told her that he loves her I believe.

He needs to say something. Quiet means alone.

I hope they both like it.


See I told the gentleman this myself but I think he was respecting her feelings as well. I think he was afraid that it would embarrass her a little bit too.

i hope she reads this and sees what a great man he must be. anyone who can write like that should never be shy to admit his feelings.

I hope so.

I think she will know and that she will be very proud of him for finding a way to post it.


I hope that she will read it and know it is from him.