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I do try to respond to all comments made on my posts.  I figure if you have taken the time to read and comment then you at least have earned the respect of having that comment acknowledged.  

I don't always reply to private messages or whiteboards, especially if you are not in my circle and there really is nothing I can reply with.  
"Hi, like your pic, sexual comments, and add me's", usually get ignored.  If they are conversational I always reply after checking your profile if you are not in my circle.  

But I do read every single one of them. 
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Its like EP etiquette and you girl is bang on the button .. ;)

Thanks Tinkzz ;)

If you turn on your e-mail notifications you can see what's come in whilst you've been off line. The timing can be a bit delayed but I find it useful and I comment ton pretty much everything - unless it really is a closed comment.

I have discovered this myself which is a really nice, sometimes I have to shut it off though to avoid the chat or because internet is slow. Although I find I don't have to avoid the chat like I used to when I first joined EP, I will chalk that up to higher quality of people in my circle. :D

Aww Thank you Snowberry!!


Jeez. I'm still here... <br />
<br />
Wow.. That was a long comment... I don't really post long comments because I babbling too much. <br />
<br />
So pointless in my comments too.

I like your comments :D

Well. My lap top computer was only 3 month old. Ouch.. I'm getting tired. It's like almost 10 pm here. That is why my grammar will not make any sense when I'm tired. So now I see that mistake. I will correct. So you have two girls Cool. I have 3 and half year girl too. <br />
<br />
It still works and helping me save money too... <br />
<br />
Well. I bought a lot of stuff from Amazon.ca I'm not saving money that. I have to stop buying. My mother saying that I need to save money... <br />
<br />
Old version Window XP... I like window 7.. My mother has bought a brand new desk top computer. She and my dad are babysitting my daughter. I'm helping the owners to run a motel where live.

You should hear my speech when I get upset or flustered. I had a speech impediment when I was young due to hearing issues. For the most part I can speak well but if I get tired, a headache, upset or flustered I tend to slur my words. I'm usually very quiet during so times as I am rather self conscious about it.

Oh. I see.. I used wireless on my lap top computer and I lost it. Whoops.. I'm use a desk top. It's 6 years old.

My goodness you have really taken good care of it for it to last that long. My girls can be kind of rough with my laptop, I keep telling them if it breaks that will be it, we won't be able to replace it.

Ah. You do pay attention to comments. That is great. Me? I don't really pay attention to comments. <br />
Yes.. It suck when you have slow internet connection. Which company do you use for your internet service? We use Shaw Cable..

LOL Yes I do, mine is wireless at the moment so it all depends on the signal I receive.

Well.. I do take time to read too. I'm stalking my own stories too...

I try to keep an eye on mine for the most part. Sometimes I will miss a comment due to my internet. It can be really slow somedays and as each page takes forever to load I tend to wait for net to speed up to respond to those. A few times I have missed it until someone else comments. But as soon as I see it I acknowledge that comment.