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Last night I basically eliminated my friends list and am rebuilding it. We all go through pain at times and guess that was my way of dealing with it. will not go into any details on how I was hurt and offended but was. A good friend encouraged me to stay on EP, was ready to leave, she said my stories and comments encourage people and for even some, give hope. For some, I sincerely hope they do, that is what they are intended to do but sometimes, I wonder, how many people just look at this guy as a foolish dreamer, romantacists who doesn't live in the real world.

So with that said, if you would like to be in my circle of friends, please send me an invitation, if not, I completely understand. If I offended you, then please forgive me for that, was not intended. As for this foolish dreamer, well, have been told I am that before in the business world but my dream a few years back became a realtiy where I am able to help people whom I may never meet but truly make a lasting difference in their lives, so, will keep on dreaming. Thanks for letting me share and again, if you want to be in my circle, send me an invitation.
romanticdreams romanticdreams 46-50, M 10 Responses Nov 15, 2011

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I've never spoken to you before and am just now reading this story, but I just wanted to say we need more dreamers in this world so please keep it up. Don't let the fools keep you from your dreams.

Thank you Jacee, won't stop dreaming

The world would be a pretty boring place without people like you who keep their mind open and are willing to see and appreciate the good things in life. I'm glad we're friends on EP and I would miss you if you would leave, so please stay! :-)

Thanks Jenny, you are a great friend, so blessed to have you in my circle of friends

Well said

Thanks for your comments, look forward to getting to know you more, thanks for stopping by

Well darn! I don't feel like a very good friend at all right now because in my short hiatus from checking on your profile for your latest story...I missed this one...and apparently being their for a friend who was hurting. I'm so sorry I was caught up in my own life to look and see that one of my good friends was hurting. Kudos to you for digging deep through the pain to stay...even when you wanted to retreat. Kudos also to the lovely soul who stepped up to the plate when I was too busy to notice. I would have been so sad to see you leave. I love that you are my lovable dreamer friend who has so many wonderful sides to he can cook and write. Wow.! Lethal combination in my book. You know how I feel about guys who can cook. *wink*<br />
<br />
Anyway...thanks for staying...thanks for being you...and thanks for being my friend. Send food NOW! LOL! :)

Kat, consider it an honor to be your friend and an incredible blessing, will send food anytime, lol. You are such a gifted author, love your writings, you are incredible, happy Thanksgiving my friend

I am so sorry for your pain. You are such a kind, sweet and sensitive man..(not to mention great baker and coffee maker). I too got hurt but in the long run, I am so glad God showed his true colors...moved him out of my life...please look at it as a blessing. Remember people vibrate to their own frequency and Karma is a *****..Move forward with love!

Thank you my friend

First of all what made you take this decision? Only because someone hurted you on EP you cannot stop interacting with other people. Its nature's law nothing lasts for ever so bury your past and enjoy life to the fullest.

That was what made that decision Revona, yes, but when I started going through the list, realized there were alot of people I never taked to and a small group that was a constant encouragement. Thanks for sharing your thoughts

See you will have many people in your list ans its not that you will get a chance to talk to them always. So please dont feel bad if someone ignores you or stops talking to you.

Glad you reconsidered and haven't left EP. Did you delete me??? Aw ...hope not. Hugzzz. :-)

No, you are still on my friends list, just keeping my list short and sweet. Thank you for stopping by and commenting

There is no such thing as a Stupid Dream! If you can dream it you can do it, even if it takes time to accomplish. You are one of the nicest guys that I have met here! I would miss you terribly if you went away!

Not leaving right now Windy, will be around, thanks though, your comments mean alot

wow please stay i need you i got to chat some with you and i could tell how sweet you are awesome some people you can please know matter how you try so stay away from them ok there more friends like me and other that enjoy your fantsay dreamer please stay ok

Thank you my friend, appreciate your kind words, will be around for a bit, giving it time

There will always be ignorant, negative people in this world that TRY to crush the spirit of others and their dreams. It's good you took those of your people of your list. I admire you and cheer you on for being a sweet, intelligent, and a creative writer. I think writing is a great outlet and this site a good platform to do that in. I encourage you to keep writing and sharing your stories. I read your stories as a neutral party and I acknowledge good work when I see it. And think your pretty good. I am glad your friend talked you out of quitting this site and not leaving. Your one of the nicest guys in my circle :)<br />
<br />
And regarding your dreams...I learned a long time ago that you can't always share all of them with some people because they try to talk you out of them and call you foolish. There is nothing wrong with dreaming. I am a dreamer too and I think that's part of the reason I have been able to accomplish so much. I was told in the past "You will NEVER be able to do that or you shouldn't try" But I didn't pay those people attention. I was determined and glad I didn't listen. <br />
<br />
" Every great dream begins with a dreamer. Always remember, you have within you the strength, the patience, and the passion to reach for the stars to change the world." - Harriet Tubman

Thank you so much for all of this, thanks for sharing, really appreciate it

Your welcome. Sweet dreams.