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The Meaning Of My Online Name.

Hi everyone!

A lot of people have been asking me either through messages or chat, or comments or whatever what my online name means. I love sharing it but it's beginning to get a little monotonous typing it over and over again. So officially, for the record, here it is:

It's the Mandarin Chinese version of my english name. It is actually 3 separate words, with the last name first. Hong, Rui, Lin.

It's written using Pin Yin which is a form of writing the sounds of Chinese characters using the Roman Alphabet. Usually it would include numbers after each word to also represent the tone in which the character should be pronounced (one of four tones), but I choose to write it without it.

The Chinese characters that represent my name were chosen to sound similar to my english name, and then were chosen to have good meaning.

The Hong is one of only 100 traditional honourable Chinese last names.

The Rui represents my first name. It means sharp, keen (intelligent) maybe a little biting/cutting.

The Lin represents my middle name. It's literal translation, if I remember correctly, means precious jade. But not so literally, it means beautiful. And have also been told by a translator friend of mine from Hong Kong that it can mean soft/gentle/sweet.

I didn't choose it for myself, though I got to have input into it.Together they form a good balance, it's considered a very good Chinese name, and they pretty accurately describe my personality.

So there ya have it!

Later taters!

PS - By popular demand, in case you haven't read the comments, these are the characters: 洪 Hong 銳 Rui 琳 Lin

They are pronounced like this: Hong-ray-lean. Said with a rising tone, like asking a question, on the Hong, with a short sharp falling tone on the Rui, and the same rising/question tone on the Lin.
Hongruilin Hongruilin 31-35, F 19 Responses Nov 16, 2012

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You are an honorable sharp keen precious soft and gentle opinion...but I'm right...

*smiles* ... Thank you sweetie.

Awesome! I had been wondering. :)
I love the pronunciation!


Now ya know! :-)

Beautiful name and awesome meaning

Thank you very much. :-)

I am so grateful that I saw this post of yours....I have seen your name in some mutual friends stories and comments and always stop to try and pronounce your name

Thanks for the explanation



You are most welcome. I rather like my name and eventually everyone always asks. :-)

Well I like it too..hole yiu don't mind but I am feeling my way around inside your profile....we have some mutual friends and I have been seeing yiur name a lot lately....thought I would get to know a little more about you

Hope you don't mind


*giggles* ... Feel away ... *nictates*

I have seen your name around a bit as well, though I haven't been online as much the last few days as I normally would be. I always welcome interested people to have a good look around.

ahhhhhh....I found the nice! I Love the name BTW!

Sheesh! Took ya long enough! Lol :-P

Oh, and thanks!

Right back at you. I have had at least three dozen comments on my Online name and after six explanations I just don't reply to those type of requests - although I DO read anything sent to me or comments on my stories. Thanks for being someone of a like mind.

You're most welcome. I can totally understand not replying/explaining it anymore. It can become somewhat monotonous.

A great mystery has just been cleared up for me... Thanks for posting this.

You're welcome sweetie! Any other "great mysteries" that need clearing up? lol

Yes I suppose so, but am unsure where to begin... You seem to be a total package of mysteries!

Just the way I like to be ...


Omg, so you're actually from another p-planet?!?

Shhhh!!! Don't say it so loudly or the men with white coats are gonna come take me away for examination and experimentation!!

Well now, we can't have that, can we... ;-)

No, we can't! I'm pretty sure they'll take away my internet access.

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How wonderful. Thank you elaborating and excellent choice of screen name

It is my pleasure to elaborate, on many topics - often to the chagrin of others, haha. I kinda really love this one though. Thanks for taking the time to read and learn more.

The pleasure is all mine, HongRuLin.

Awww, thanks!


They certainly do describe your personality pretty you are honorable, very intelligent, a little biting (which I love..when you nibble me ;-)), beautiful, precious...a treasure, soft, gentle and very sweet. :-)

*blushes hardcore and stammers thank you*

*smiles* WOW! Scored 1st "Hardcore" Blush!
No thanks necessary, my dear...merely stating the obvious facts.
*wraps arms around, hugging tightly, kisses cheek feeling the warmth of the blush on lips*

*smiles fondly and his the stuffing out of ya*

That's one hell of a "hiss" to make my stuffing come out! ;-D

Stupid iPad thumb typing. I meant of course hug. :-P


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You win the prize for the neatest name! That is pretty cool I think.


*does a little happy dance at winning the prize*

Thanks! I kind of really love it. :-)

I agree too. The thought that has gone in to creating a name... deserves our praises.

Thanks you guys! :-)

Now I know ...

Wow ... You went all the way back to read this story?

You interest me. Your name is a very personal thing. I like the thought that you put into it. It's another interesting fact about you. :)

I'm really flattered. It makes me smile that you did take the time to investigate/read it/learn more about me. Thank you. :-)


I'm flattered that you're flattered. You make me smile a mile like a horny crocodile! You're welcome!

*laughs and smacks ya*

Behave mister! :-P

I'm cyber horny and you're my fun project. :)

LOL! I'm a "project" now am I? ;-)

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Finally! I found it! And thanks for writing this and not answering my question so that I had to scroll through thousands of stories just to get to this one ;) So I promised not to divulge your name but since you've said your Chinese name, I'll just go ahead and mention the English translation ok, Kemosabe? ... Ooops, did I let the cat outta the bag?

Hey! There isn't THOUSANDS of stories, I don't even think I've hit the 80 mark yet. :-P besides, I did tell you it was one of the first ones I had written ... I mean, poor man, had to scroll and scroll and scroll ... Is your finger okay? It must be tired from all that work. Do you need me to kiss it better? ;-)

Kiss it better? I'm gonna save that one for later :p

Much input has been acquired! Only cause you've put so much insight and meaning behind your words.

Plus, learning Cantonese? What?! Must learn more! MUST LEARN MORE!!!

Speaking of which, there is a costume I've got to work on... sorry, random thought.

A costume? What? Now I MUST LEARN MORE!!!

Well, let me tell you a little bit of a thing called Cosplay... >D

"Costume Play" - An event that people come to, dressed up in costume to imitate a character in a video game, anime, comic, etc.

Anyone can do it and it is a fun time for all however, my personal rule is...

For a great Cosplay, you need to have the body for it. And not only the body, but also the attitude and the movements.

So I've got to get back in shape and well... find a character I'd like to represent.

Well I found this one too, which answered one of my questions. :) Thanks

No problem ... anytime! :-)

I need a gps just to find my way around your user name.:) You really put a lot of time,and effort into it.I suspect this is yet another reflection of your personality?

It is a reflection of my personality - yes. But I had the name before EP - we were studying Mandarin Chinese awhile ago and have since switched to Cantonese.

It's very cool.

Thank ya!

Cool. tx, hope the rest of your day remains to be the best day ever.

Aww, thanks! I hope so too ... though it was kinda a yesterday thing, which has crossed into a today thing as I haven't been to bed yet.

dont stay up too unless of course you are too 'inspired' by all the EP'ers.

Haha ... ah ... are you EP stalking me? lol. And it's too late for that, I have had the EP addiction monkey firmly strapped to my back for awhile.

nope, dont stalk, i just follow very closely.
I enjoy conversations with open minded intellectual and beautiful women, you happen to fit into that category. I have a meeting in about one hours time so will have to converse again at another stage. Enjoy the evening/morning. It is 11:28AM in south africa so it is almost lunch time.
Thanks for the nice smile. cheers. C

Have a great day! I look forward to conversing with you at a future date/time.

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Very interesting. My big sis has lived in Beijing for years. I see her about once a year. I came up with kbgloves when I was 19 or 20 - Kid Gloves, punch drunk boxer. At the time, the Russian Secret Service was the KGB, so I added the "B" so I could be KBG. Not very interesting,,,

I have a suggestion - why dont you copy and paste your explanation to a Word document and save it in your computer. If you have to explain again, you'll have it handy

It's an interesting story, I love hearing the stories behind people's online names.

Thanks for the suggestion. I did save the explanation, as a Pages document though (mac person). I'm lazy though, and usually just refer them here now. haha

So cool! I tried to learn Mandarin a few years ago. I get the concepts, but nothing else really stuck, lol. Awesome choice of a name!

Thanks! I love it.

You have a name that sounds beautiful and means something to you...who wouldn't!!


Its nice to meet you. I would have responded to your email but Ep says i'm not allowed to write to you. so I have to use the next best thing. Anyways I hope you are finding Ep helpful. How are things going with your friend and with you and your husband. If thats getting a little to personal I'm sorry, and in that case you don't have to answer.


Why does EP say your not allowed to write me? That's odd. It's not too personal a question, I posted a personal story after all. Things are okay, better. I have gotten some great perspective lately.

your account says you can not except emails from adult members. I think it has to do with yur account settings. Great, there are a lot of people on here that are willing and able to listen and offer advise, and there are alot of people on here that are just here for sex. I'm pretty much here to make friends and give advise and help as much as i can.

That's really funny ... because I have gotten a lot of emails from people I would consider adult members, haha. So you couldn't email me at all unless I changed the settings? What if I mail you first?

I tried responding to the email you sent and ep say's I'm not allowed to respond, I have to be in your circle.

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