Every Word

 I read every message and comment I get word for word I think it's rude not to I can't understand why people don't read all mine.

Gaz7 Gaz7
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10 Responses Dec 5, 2009

I'll help you. haha

I'm not very good at removing people.

I read everything. And if I'm friends with someone who doesn't ever respond to messages I send them, etc., I think it's time I should remove that person from my circle.

That's true.

i do read every msg,every story comment,every scibble written,everything&i also reply to all my msgs ect,dont know if people read mine,if they dont then yes its very rude!but atleast you dont have to be friends with them.xx

You don't know if peoples read your comments but you know if they haven't read your messages, I think everybody reads their comments.

i like to do the same although i might not be able to right away, but i do get around to them.

Yes maybe.

I always read my comments as well, maybe they read yours and just don't have time to answer them

It annoys me when they don't bother reading them.