I Am Desperate To Quit Drinking Alcohol!

Please respond as I need to be held accountable.  I am using Allen Carr's Easyway method because I have gone the AA route, rehabs, etc.  They all say the same thing & I am tired of hearing drunk histories.  Please believe me, I have hundreds of my own embarrassing stories.  What I need is a total revamping of my belief system about alcohol, just as Allen says.  I am intoxicated due to the drunk feeling, not physically addicted, just mentally.  Tonight is New Years Eve & I will be taking my FINAL drink using Merlot wine, one of my least favorites as Allen requests.  I would like to didcuss my progress online at every opportunity because as I mentioned previously, I need to be held accountable for dailure, as well as success.  Please contact me ASAP & root for me.  I am so tired of trying to beat this crap! 
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1 Response Dec 31, 2010

Strange.. No responses to your experience yet? No drinkers on the EP?.. well, I for one am curious how you went on from there? My mother is an alcoholic and a heavy smoker. I have just found out about Allen Carr's books but haven't really seen them yet for myself though she already AGREED to read one of them:))) I'm very happy but should I curb my enthusiasm a little perhaps? How did you find it? Did it work for you? Why yes? Why not? I hope you're well and hope to hear from you some time soon:) My best.