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well i had a huge clear out, and found my old diary from the year of my wedding.. 1993.. the trouble is i wasnt quite as honest then.. in my diary as i am now.. used to think it was in case my husband found it. In retro spect i didnt want to admit stuff to myself..every time i come to a bit thats .. um.. stretched.. i can remember.I remember the truth and the feelings, so i guess i just leave them as they are.. the mere fact that i polished the truth tells me how things were back then and ill keep them as a memento of a me that i left behind.
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i so so do thanks, and i look at his new wife and wonder how she feels..! Now life s fantastic and my diary s are soppy enough to make any unwary reader sick ha ha xx

Oui, I understand this!

I kept diaries for years as a child.

Within the last 5 years I stopped.

Almost as if...I have nothing else to say.

My diary (as a child) was my best friend!

I think your words are very telling...even in your quieter and more personal moments with you and your were guarded and holding back. I hope you feel free-er now...I bet you do!


Wonderful story, thank you for sharing!