I read a lot, and enjoy getting recommendations for reading from other people. The most recent book I read, which came highly recommended, was on reincarnation. The stories were amazing. I thought, if this is true, offers an opportunity to relive and learn. Problems created in one life-time can be worked through in the next life-time, if you are fortunate enough to recognize the opportunity for growth. There seems to be a lot of subconscious work going on in healing past hurts. I wouldn't mind this at all. I even liked the idea. I have a pretty open mind for the most part, and this is great news!

Then I continued reading and was informed that you often are born again with those folks that you had problems with in a previous life...whoa...I really don't think that is a good idea. I am divorced, and my ex-husband and I haven't been able to communicate with any degree of civility for several years. I don't think this can be fixed in any number of life-times, and I am doing everything I can to avoid dealing with him now. Please this can't be true! I read that if you advance and learn through your incarnations, that your soul develops and you don't have to keep coming back. I know a couple of people that I really don't want to have to repeat all of this silliness with.

I was I know why the world is getting to be such a crazy place. If this book reads true (and others like it), all of us here on earth are perpetually screwing up over and over again, and we have to keep coming back over and over again til we get it right. Doesn't seem so fair now.

I do have to admit that the stories some people told of their own or a family member's experience with reincarnation was very convincing. What an incredible possibility if it is true.

banjarplayr banjarplayr
41-45, M
Mar 1, 2008