I Read A Crap Ton Of Books

i read alot of books. within the last month i have read at least four books. they have all been over one hundred pages. i love reading. its my escape from reality. i read stuff from Stephenie meyer to stephen king. i love fiction the most. i hardly read anything but fiction.

i want to read at least one thousand books before i die. i have a long ways to go yet tho :)

LizzerBeast LizzerBeast
18-21, F
2 Responses Dec 21, 2009

yah new books are expensive. i like reading wen i walk but i have the same problem with lamposts and trees lol

oh wow i probably read 3to 4 a week.. but i work nights so can read at work.. i have a book in my hand while i iron, while i hang out washing.. been known to walk down the road with one but that can be bit dodgy.. lampposts and old ladies! I keep my victorian books safer tho, and get tons from charity shops, i couldnt afford to read as many if i bought them new.. keep enjoying! x