It shows up most in my typing, so for this post only, I am not oging to correct my typing, I will elave it as dyslexic as it really is.
I can remember in kindergarten watching the letter's rearrange themselves as I read. I thought I had some freaky superpower, taht  I was otherworldly. I remember getting in trouble for writing my c's, f's and s's backwards. I knew they were backwards when I looked at them, but I somehow felt they were more right that way.
Believe it or not I think reading helped. I loved reading even though ti was hard for me, I foudn in time, with practice, I was able to read the word even out of order. I never let it stop me or slow me down, I just considered it my superpower I leanred in kidnergarten.
Funny thing is I am an outstanding speller, if you look at my mistypes you will see all the correct letters are prestne, they are just not in the right order.  I think that is true of alot of htings in my life, all the right components just not int he correct order.
It never really bothered me, no one made fun of me, I was just lucky enough to learn it was jsut a part of what made me different. I know it causes hardships for so many and I am glad I was taught to accept it and not let it get me down, I am one of the lucky ones and I wouldnt chagne taht for anything!

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There ya go, be optimistic about dyslexia.

I know before my family came to America that there was an English lord who slept with the Irish chambermaid and was banished to the America's and told to change thier name, so they dropped the last letter.

This is understandable as way way back in the days of jolly old england there was the practice of inner family marriage as ****** was the order of the day , this practice was maintained for the sole reason of keeping property and land title within the family , However what they didn't know they were doing was degrading their own genetics and all kinds of premutations developed and among these were Dyslexia along with Dwarfisum / Achondroplasia , Now my own range of vision for example is where bill = llid as all objects appear as if in a mirror and I still have confustion with the lower case fonts qp db bd pq as no matter which way they are fliped they will appear as if to be the mirror image of their counter parts .

Well, I am only 5 ft 3....

5 foot even here .

I have a small suggestion , do a family tree search as far back as you can to find out where your bloodline stems from in it's origins and then I could explain much more as many of my students hale from a greek or asian backround with out even knowing it as mine starts back in china with the name of wang then branches off to Belgan and austrian germany .