Tranny Dreams

I have a dear tranny friend on EP. We really understand each other, and we write erotic fiction to titillate each other. I hope that she doesn't mind my posting some of this fiction here. We both really enjoyed them. I'll start with a short dream sequence.


You are asleep, and you have a strong desire for being a sex slave to a group of Tgirls and men who love them. You sit up to find yourself in a room where a party is underway. You look down, but all you see is that you are wearing a short black teddy top and sheer black stay-up thigh-high stockings with black heels. You feel a little embarrassed until the others see you and come over to talk. Somebody hands you a drink, and the group introduces themselves. With each introduction, you get a deep French kiss and a stroke or two on your excited and hard ****. You begin to feel less nervous and decide to enjoy being with this group. Just then, someone grabs your hand and spins you around. That person is wearing black leather and a hood. He pulls you to a set of shackles and locks your wrists and ankles, with you lying in a spread eagle position. You become fearful, but you erection becomes harder and dominates your thoughts. Everyone circles around you and disrobes. They are all wearing stylish masks, so you cannot tell who it is, even though you just met each of them. The men are naked and the Tgirls are in stockings and heels. All ***** and clits are erect and pointing toward you. You respond with ecstatic desire to be used by this group for their sexual satisfaction. They all start to rub their ***** and clits against all parts of your body. This sexual taunting continues until you are on the verge of climax. Just then, a Tgirl takes off her mask and kneels down between your spread legs. She stares deepy into your eyes, with a wicked smile on her face. She keeps your eye contact as she slowly bends over to place her face above your throbbing ****. She slowly and softly pinches your scrotum, pulling it taught and downward. Then she opens her mouth to extend her enormous tongue, dripping with saliva. She starts at her finger tips and licks your scrotum and **** all the way to the head in one long and very slow motion. As her tongue hits the head, you climax and squirt *** from your navel yo you chin. Just then you wake with a jolt to find yourself in your bed, covered from your navel to your chin in your hot ***.
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