A True Love Story


THIS IS pooja...         I ama student.oneday suddenly when i was sleeping got a wrong phone call and some guys drank and made wrong call and teased me and again and again calling mre n speaking recklessly....i switched off my mobile. next againi got a call and i scolded the guy and then he said its not me who called bfore day.its my frns 4m my mobile and teased u.today i came to know abt it and called u to say sorry....i am not such kind of guy..just to say sorry i called u n excuse my frns and sorry mam for disturbing u. i said itsok but dont call me again...he said ok and asked abt me.i gave wrong informationbcoz its a wrong call.like bthat for abt 15min spoke to him....later he said my voice is sweet....after 2 days again i got call from tht guy ....like tht 1month passed away. oneday suddenly tht guy told full details of me.i was shocked...how canit be...bcoz thr is no way to find abt me.then he told he was a para-milatary job crpf trainee n so its not a difficult job for him to find me. later on we bcame frns and after 1year i liked his sincierity and fell in love with him.one day i expressed my love to him.then he said no. he dint speak to me.aftr1 week he called me and said he too likes me n feels like me but he is not correct for asweet sensitive gal like me.his job is life risky n so cant accept my proposal. he said he loves his jobvery much so let us be frns only.he finished engineering but with a desire to wear the uniform he entered this job.he got 4th rank in all india UPSC EXAM. he went to training to haryana but continued calls. i thought of forgetting him but cant.so i cried for him and finally decided to b with him forever at any cost..he too agreed and we were deeply in love. the thing is we dint met each other even dint see photos...one day we met and so happy he looks handsome and we both love eachother n one day i revealed all this to my parents.they dint agree.2years we struggled with both sides parents...finally he said let us die. cozwe cant live wthout eachother.but i very much love my dad n he too loves his dad.but dad's fought. we cant leave our loving parents for our love..we also cant live wthout eachother...i said him wait for 1more year and try to convince parents...he dint speak to me for 10 days.on my b'day called me n wished me n said cant live wthout me...both cried alot.suddenly he kept the phone.next day called him but dint lift his phone...the next day thinking of him and waiting for his call,took newspaper and seen a news officer suicide with service revolver...wth shivering body i read the news and thr ended my life...coz my heart passed away leaving me alone..he died physically and i died mentally....later no words fromour parents.they kept quite leaving us alone....now i am living with the memories of my love....as i m only child should look after my parents to my body remained alive but my soul passed away.LIVING WTH his memories and to make his dreams come true....Dear frnz...TRUE LOVE NEVER ENDS...IM SURE SOMEDAY I WILL REACH MY HEART...WE WILL START A NEW LIFE IF GOD GIVES US A NEW LIFE...if REINCARNATION IS TRUE WE WILL COME AGAIN AND AGAIN UNTIL WE WIN OUR LOVE....TO SHARE LIFE WITH EACHOTHER....  


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very sad may god make u met him one day ..............gods bless you ,,,,

sad indeed, God bless you with the strength to carry on bravely...take care

looks like a story of mine

just develop acceptance.accept the loss u will gain strenght

i want to be ur friend can we please bcoz i am intraseted in u that why if u want u can call me on dis #0952080475 ok i will be waiting 4 ur call ok my friend