It Is Very Important to Read the Bible

It is very important to read the Bible for several different reasons. The main reason is that it brings us closer to God by giving us a better understanding of God and who He is. Too many people say they know God but don't really know Him because they never pick up His word and read it.  They want a perfect relationship with Him but don't pick up His word to see how He feels about certain matters and situations.

 Another reason is because Satan's number one tool that he uses to tempt us is God's very own words. He will twist them around or use them in a way that we are made to believe that it is okay to sin against God. He use this same technique with Eve and even with Jesus Himself. If you don't know what the Bible says then you'll be subject to believe anything.

 I've heard famous preachers preach for nearly two hours completely contradicting the Bible. If I would not have known what the Bible actually said I would probably believed him because he made it sound good.

Now I don't read my Bible nearly as much as I should, in fact I need to be reading it now instead of doing this. But I do read it and enjoy reading it.


walkingonfaith walkingonfaith
Dec 23, 2008