Are They Listening?


At work, we have an older couple come in for a 3 months trial to possibly take over as managers in a large charity store that supports a boys ranch.

What I find odd at meetings at these 2 never look at anyone who is speaking, when everyone else is, they are looking at the floor. They only look directly at someone is they ask a question.

Later, they seem unclear about decisions that were made or ideas that were talked about almost as if they didn't hear it.I think it may be disrespectful but I am not sure.

To me, and I may be wrong it seems that they either don't think they need to listen, as they know it all, or may be concerned they might see/hear something they don't like, which could be an unconscious learned defence mechanism.

There have been some occasions when they have asked me for a decision and rolled their eyes at it. I am design manager at the store and they are not replacing me, but I have final say about any positioning or use of items for display.

Any ideas on this would be appreciated. I have some autism and body language is not always easy for me. But this is a consistent thing they do at the meetings and I find it strange.

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1 Response Nov 28, 2012

To be honest it is very difficult to judge since there is no clue about their baseline, normal, behavior and the body language as well as facial expression. What is seems to me, and I might be completely wrong, is that it is possible that they are feeling guilt over taking over as managers and that's why they do not look at the person who is talking. Making eye contact when asking a question is natural thing to do, my question would be when they ask a question do they keep prolonged eye contact? Also, what is their body position like, closed or open (legs/ arms crossed, taking as little space as possible, etc.)? Unfortunately, there is not much more that I can say about it.