Speed Reading

Is there anyone who has measured his reading speed ?
I know that normal people read about 300 words per minute but there are higher speeds
I don't consider myself a speed reader but I'd like to be ,
bluenebula bluenebula
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2 Responses Aug 9, 2010

thanks for you to reply my topic , <br />
I heard about some people who reach high speeds with very high accuracy .

Isn't it at some point too much? I read too fast and I have to come back to the phrase read because I end up not understanding what I'm reading. I think it can be unhealthy and I've been shown that reading too fast the meanings don't sink in that well so I remember almost nothing of what I read.<br />
But I don't always have the patience to read slower.<br />
It's something I want to work on: reading with more attention and stopping to look in the dictionary if I need to. Sometimes it feels like too much to keep stopping but it's the only way to make the best of the reading.