Expensive Habit

I love reading, but I tend to read books too quickly. If a book is around 200 pages or less , I will likely finish it in one sitting. There are a lot of good books in that range. Now a 800+ page book, that I can look forward to because I know it will take me a few days to read. I can get into the story and it won't be over too soon.

Fortunately, there is a decent used book store in town that has a good science fiction/fantasy section, so my reading habit will not bankrupt me.
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I feel your pain. Last week alone, I went through 8 books, and picked up 5 more. And I only ( or try to ) read only a couple of hours a day. I read fast though, so I can whip off an average novel-sized book in about 3 hours. <br />
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What about a library? Where I used to live they were ok .. so I did take much more advantage of used book shops, but here? The library system in Atlanta is quite spectacular .. and I can always find new things to read, get specific titles pulled on hold for me, and just wander. <br />
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Although - the used book shop around the corner is really good for the wallet as well .. when I can bear to part with something I have already read

Lol, that used to be me. Now my life gets int the way of that. Still i find plenty to read online. and i wear my local Library out! First name basis status!

I love 800+ pg. books, I enjoy them, but I finish those in one or two days... so it kinda sucks :/

I hate series. They just don't end. I'm always afraid the author might ruin everything. :)

I understood your title the moment I read it, I'm even tempted to borrow money just to pay for my addiction to words. If I can find something chunky to bite my teeth into, I'm happy. Asimovs and Analogue are a habit, as is a compulsory trip to the bookstore if I do not have a book on the go.<br />
Currently reading 'best of the best volume 2, 20 years of the best sci-fi, edited by Gardner Dovois' and for fun 'the diary of Ellen Rimbauer, My life at rose red' which is apparently written by Ridley Pearson. Next on my list, the latest Richard Bachman, and perhaps a delve into some Zombie fiction I saw last time I browsed the bookstore. I haven’t read horror for a long while. Very expensive habit, but I hate the library…and owe them money. I love keeping my books.

Thats why I like series, to a point. When one book ends, there is still more of a story. When the series never seems to end though, thats annoying to, I wanna know what happens!

Really! I wish I had been blessed with that trait, as life would be considerably easier and completing my mundane assignments less excruciatingly boring. sigh..