They Don't Last Long

Remember when you were in school and were required to read a book from a list.  You would go and find the book with the least amount of pages so that you could get through it faster.

Now when I go to get a book to read.  I look for the books with the most pages so that it takes me longer to read.


Grits4life Grits4life
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5 Responses Mar 17, 2009

I used to choose books with the least pages so I would finish them quickly and move on to the next. Now I read books with atleast 300 pages to keep my occupied all week.

Hell, i'm still working on chapter 8 of Charlotte's Web. I've actually sped up since they've made two more movies about it since I started.

Haha, I was never that kid. I read Wild Swans in year ten. Have you seen the size of that book?! My little year ten arms would get tired holding it.

I love nuclear proliferation.

no, but my husband has one now that i am going to read when he is done. I don't remember the name off the top of my head. He also has a glenn beck book too.