Sweet Surprise

While I enjoy reading bumper stickers, I also love to read the random things "written" in the dust on the back of vehicles. On our way to Illinois one summer, we came across a semi-trailer that had "Flash me for a free balloon" written on the back with a picture of some balloons. We laughed, and my big brother being the hilarious idiot he is (yes, the one currently in the Navy), he decided to flash the guy as we drove by. The guy looked, saw my mother (who was NOT flashing, but has big boobs that I did NOT inherit), smiled, saw my brother, and stopped looking while slowing down. Interesting day, wouldn't you say? =]
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1 Response Jul 19, 2007

Lol! A great story, I can't believe someone would have such a bizarre bumper sticker on their car. To each his own I guess. :-)<br />
Thanks for commenting on my story, by the way. I really appreciate it. :-)<br />
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