STICKERS of Your Face, Your Pets, and Even Your Car!

H i my name is Mark and I launched a website on January 15th 2009 called MYSTICKERFACE.COM and If you love stickers as much as I do, It might be something that you have to check out. With My Sticker Face you can apply it to an endless amount of uses. Living with roomates and always fighting over whose foods who's? Sticker your face on your things to show that it's YOURS! Going to a party and everyone just happens to be drinking out of the same cup? Bring your face and mark it YOURS! But im sure everyone will have a different use for them. And that is what is so great about them!:) I hope you check it out. Any questions or comments please feel free to email me at THANKS! Happy Stickering!

Mystickerface Mystickerface
Feb 20, 2009