The Forgotten Prophet

Like a prophet, Chomsky is unheard in his own land. You never see Chomsky on the talk shows even though he has more to say than the crowd you usually see. He can actually put his points into a historical perspective and he doesn't speak in sound bites.
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2 Responses Sep 18, 2012

He is a dedicated communist isn't he ?

I am not. He is as communist as Stalin and Castro.

babbling ravings ? contemptuously dismiss ? stoops to recycling ?

It sounds like a self portrait of yourself. I think you managed to get in every cliche and innuendo in one paragraph.

You can spend the afternoon rewarding yourself by surrounding yourself with pictures of Marx, Lenin and Castro. Maybe it's not too late to ask for an autographed picture of Hanoi Jane and Nancy Pelosi.

That name sounds familiar..didn't he writes "Brocas brain"? He was into the origin of language or something like that if I remember.

He's a professor languistics by trade> But is known for being one of the top left wing intellectuals of our century. he's all over youtube.