i read comics from 1988 10 2000. i stopped in 2000 because it had gottn out of hand. i was spending easily 200 dollare a month on comics that and things were getting out of hand.  the only reason i started again was one i always loved the vertigo titles, someone told me about y the last man so i started buying that.two i started seeing ads for marvels civil war and i had to find out what that was about. don't get me wrong i don't collect nearly as many books as i once did . now i'm on the world war hulk bandwagon. but you have to understand i've always been a big hulk fan.when i stopped collecting spider-man i still collected the hulk.when i stopped reading all the x-titles (and i read all of them ) i still collected the hulk. then they stopped the incredible hulk vol 1. to start vol 2. (started over at one) that's when i stopped. now other then the wwh tie ins i read ,y-the last man,astro city(when they decide to release them),wetworks  and the bark tower (i read all the novels so i wanted to see how they would translate it into a comic)
sted sted
31-35, M
Jul 3, 2007