Found A Hiliarious One

I've read some pretty good online comics and some were just down right unforgettable. The Guy I Almost Was is great. I came across it practically ten years ago. I definitely related to some parts where he just wanted to get an old typewriter, vinyl records after being disillusioned at the truth behind the so called techno/cyber youth lifestyle. I just checked and there's boobage so you are warned, lol.

A comic that is now abandoned on the original site but was really good was called Always Tomorrow. It's a kind of strange and quirky love story about a couple that are separated by death the day he was going to propose. But she comes back a zombie. That's when the comic really takes off. I like weird humor like that sooo I enjoyed it. The archives are still available on another website.

But today I came across a comic written by a five year old with his 29 year old brother illustrating the comic. It's called Axe Cop. The results are extremely hilarious! "I will chop your head off!"

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I can relate with my very long list of!

Hernandez Brothers-Love and Rockets. I actually developed a little crush on the character Hopi. Now that is some real geekdom!

I've been out of the loop with underground comics for years but I love them too! I've heard of Love and Rockets...I want to check those out! <br />
<br />
I used to go on those comic book artists forums a long time ago and a lot of people in the group really succeeded, very talented. I was in the shadows just learning, extremely shy because they were all so amazing. I continued to follow their work. Like Jen Wang and the Flight crew, Khary Randolph. He does some mainstream but I loooove his women of color series. I really like to look at the original works and series of artists as they are up and coming. But the problem is that sometimes when they go mainstream, the original work gets put into storage or disappears in favor of strictly commercial work so it makes seeing it a real gem of a find.

I'm going to check those sites out for sure. We're all comic geeks at my house. I was really into it years ago. Flaming Carrot, Love and Rockets, Mark Beyer, loved that underground stuff.

Thanks Mother!