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Within the last year I have been ever so fortunate to meet and fall the woman of my dreams. She is smart, beautiful, sexy and adventurous, and she makes me feel like the luckiest man on earth. She also has a talent for becoming excessively wet during sex which, as you will see, drives me crazy with lust. The only unfortunate is that she lives in another city, so we don’t get to spend as much time together as we would like. But one unforeseen benefit to being apart is that we have been able to explore the boundaries of our sexual desires more creatively, through phone calls, on-line chats and e-mails.

This is a story I wrote for her just last week. It began as an extremely vivid dream I had one night about her being openly displayed and desired by a roomful of strangers. The rest of it I teased out over the next several days in my imagination.

She told me that after reading it she brought herself to a death defying ******, screaming so loud she was afraid it woke all the neighbours! I hope you all enjoy it too. (Apologies for the long length)


Darling, today is your birthday and I want you to feel consumed by the deep, deep love I hold for you in my heart and the flaming lust constantly aching throughout my entire body. You are the love of my life and the object of all my desires. You are in my thoughts when I go to sleep at night and when I wake in the morning. No one else could ever make me happy the way you do. So tonight, I want to spoil you.

We begin the evening with a very long, languid meal in a fabulous restaurant, very expensive. You look beautiful and I can tell you feel sexy in a tight dress and heels. As I rub your leg in the taxi I can tell you’re wearing hold-up stockings that end just on the upper part of your firm thigh and it turns me on. Dinner is so happy, peppered with wonderful conversation, long romantic looks and outbursts of laughter. After several bottles of wine you become just a little bit tipsy. Casting aside one of your high heels beneath the table you start running a stockinged foot up and down my inner thigh. I squirm excitedly and do my best to control myself in public, but all I really want to do is throw the dishes aside, plant you on the tabletop and ravish you right then and there in front of everyone. You giggle with delight, pleased with yourself that you can so easily manipulate my desires.

I hurriedly pay the bill and we walk out together, heads tilted close, whispering and laughing like conspirators.

I hail a taxi and as you slide into the back seat before me I spy the tantalising curve of your calf. I think to myself very happily that I will never again desire any other woman the way I desire you. Inside the car you pull me in close and kiss me deeply, passionately, anticipating more. You whisper in my ear, telling me what naughty things you’d like to do to me tonight. I don’t even have to slide my palm between your thighs to know you’re already dripping wet.

But we’re not going home just yet. I have a very special surprise, and from my pocket I pull a black velvet blindfold and tie it over your eyes. “But,” I command, “You must wear this until I say the time is right.”

The taxi cruises through the night with me grasping tightly around your slim waist, my hand resting on your hip in the very spot where I first touched you. I’m just as excited now as I was on that initial night’s outburst of unbridled passion; maybe even more so. You can feel that I’m already so hard inside my trousers and it makes you tremble with giddy anticipation. Finally arriving at our destination, I take your hand and guide you. Robbed of sight, you sense that we walk down a back alley, up a flight of stairs and through a heavy steel door.

You pretend to be angry with all the subterfuge but gamely play along. I whisper, “It won’t be long now my love.” We’re nearly there. Finally, I stop you, turn you around and hold you so tight against me. Warm and hungry lips seeking each other, our mouths close in for a long, passionate kiss. Tongues search deep, alternately battling and caressing, in an embrace that seems to never end.

Without a word I start to undress you. Still blindfolded, you are uncertain and gasp with a mixture of fear and pleasure. But you trust me and allow me to slowly ***** off your dress and unhook your bra. Dropping to my knees I press my face right up against the thin fabric that stretches across the source of your heat and I inhale deeply. I feel your dampness on my lips. You smell so luscious I could easily lose myself in your essence. Hooking my fingers around the thin waistband of your knickers, I pull downward until the small triangle of silky material is whipped off around your ankles. Such pretty ankles you have.

I’m almost ready now to reveal all but there’s no need to rush. I take my time and step back to admire your incredible beauty. Dressed in nothing but those long black stockings, your naked form is a feast for my eyes. A rush of warm air caresses your naked skin and your nipples go instantly hard. The joyful feeling of freedom between your legs makes you quiver with anticipation.

Finally I step forward and lift the blindfold. You blink and adjust your sight to the dim light. We are standing on a hard wooden floor in a small room. On all four walls are draped long, heavy velvet curtains that reach up so high they are lost in the upper darkness. You look at me quizzically and begin to speak but I press a finger against your lips and hold it there until you are calmed. Falling under my spell you compose yourself, press your lips against my finger, before opening your mouth and sucking it in all the way to the knuckle. A small moan of expectation escapes your throat.

Still without a word I remove my hand from your mouth and slowly raise it. Full of curiosity, your eyes follow the movement as I point my finger high in the air and leave it raised for just a moment, almost unsure of what to do next. Do I dare go through with this surprise I have created in my mind for you? Will you like it or will you never speak to me again? Too late for doubts, I suddenly drop my hand in a rush: it’s a signal – a cue for action – and the curtain behind you is swiftly whipped across by unseen hands.

You whip around quickly at the noise and are shocked to discover that the curtain behind you concealed not any kind of wall, but rather the small sanctuary we shared in loving intimacy has disappeared, to be replaced by hundreds of finely dressed men and women waiting patiently in their seats; eagerly. You stand before them all, waifish and beautiful, ******** naked and bare to the world, all eyes eagerly drink in every inch of your nude body.

Yes, my darling, here is my surprise to you. I have made you the star attraction on a theatrical stage.

Happy birthday.

You are a vision of female perfection and not one person in that audience is to be disappointed tonight. Golden hair tumbles down across your shoulders and the strands play gently at the upper swell of your flawlessly formed breasts. Broad shoulders and finely sculpted arms indicate strength and feminine virility. Slim waist and flat tummy give way to tight, smooth buttocks and long slender legs.

I am terrified of your reaction. I can see your immediate instinct is to cover yourself and hide from the public attention. You whirl on me with a face like thunder and struggle to form words of rage and I fear you will run away and I will lose you forever. But then, very gradually, I see the expression on your face change from one of anger to one of erotic pleasure. The situation is overwhelming to your senses. With eyes still locked onto mine you straighten your back in defiant pride and slowly turn around to face the audience, which erupts in a roar of excited applause.

From somewhere in the orchestra well a lone drum begins a slow and steady beat. The erotic thrill charges up and down your body like fire as you feel the thrill of being an object of sexual desire. I motion for you to step forward and take your place on a large round cushion placed at the front of the stage and you readily obey. Every step you take brings with it a heightened sense of sexual liberation and yearning. The lust inside you rises and the wetness begins to well up between your legs.

Men in the audience dab at perspiring faces with white handkerchiefs and ladies fan themselves frantically. Every one of them wants to fondle you, kiss you and feel your naked skin. But they are only there as voyeurs and knowing they can’t touch you makes them yearn for you all the more. You stride across the stage in full glory, showing off your body, and take your place on the cushion. Sinking onto all fours, I gently push your head down until your chin rests on the plush fabric. It is covered, just like the heavy curtains, in a deep pile of plush velvet, and the soft fabric gently caresses and tingles your nipples. Pelvis thrust upwards, you arch your long, beautiful back and stick your pert bottom brazenly into the air while staring down the audience with eyes as blue as the sky.

Suddenly the cushion begins to rotate, spinning very slowly until you are now facing back to front, offering the leering audience a full view of your wantonly displayed genitals -- on full show before them all. Feelings of humiliation and embarrassment briefly again rise inside you but it’s too late now, you are already carried away by the thrill of the sexual experience. An animal-like physical hunger is building inside you, warming your vagina and making you drip with desire.

As you feel the heat of hundreds of eyes shamelessly craving your glistening, swollen ***** and bare bottom your breathing becomes heavy and laboured and you moaned softly as the itch between your legs grows to a full blown need for shameless satisfaction. A woman in the front row gasps with delight as the first trickle of moisture gently beads down the soft curve of your inner thigh.

They all feel your unbridled passion and it catches like wildfire from one to the other. A wellspring of juices inside of you oozes forth and the dewy dampness soon becomes a deluge of sticky wet warmth that seeps down the heavenly softness of your inner thighs. Moans of pleasure rise throughout the theatre as men and women alike begin caressing and rubbing themselves through their clothing. Their pleasure in turn urges you onto greater plateaus of ecstasy. Your breathing comes quick and shallow, and you long for satisfaction. The burning between your legs becomes an aching. You reach one hand down and revel in the slippery wetness that now soaks your lips. Searching out your **** you rub gently at first, then quicken the pace and intensity until you are writhing with pleasure. Then suddenly, very quickly, you leap into ecstasy, gasping and shrieking out while your body convulses in delightful bliss. You are gripped by a fevered ****** and a torrent of fluid suddenly gushes from deep inside you and splashes out onto the stage.

I watch with deep satisfaction and growing desire as properly dressed people in all rows of the theatre begin shedding their clothing in a frenzy of sexual need. Tearing at zips, men pull out their swollen ***** and women rip dresses to gain free access to their searing bodies. The theatre becomes an **** of delight. ************, cunniligus, *******. Cries of pleasure and roars of desire rise to the ceiling. One man lifts the lady next to him, a total stranger until a few seconds ago, and rams her down hard on his erection. People everywhere are grabbing, licking, sucking and ******* each other after what they’ve witnessed on the stage. A group of sexy young women rub flesh upon flesh, caressing breasts, licking nipples, mouths hungrily lapping at naked flesh as they collapse in a heap of writhing flesh. The smell of raw sex fills the air.

Then, just as you begin to recover from one ****** and start rubbing yourself to another, I step in front of your face, fully naked, and present you with my heaving, straining erection. I want you so badly it hurts. My hard **** juts straight into the air and I feel as if I will burst out of my skin at any moment. You try wrapping it around your lips but I pull back. Instead I stride quickly around behind you to where your bottom is still perched and twitching high in the air, I ease the head of my **** up against your sopping wet ***** and I gently rub the tip against your lips and ease myself in. But you don’t want gentle, you are craving for my hardness and you urge me on with demands to be ****** and ****** hard.

Teasingly, I sharply and quickly plunge myself deep inside you, as far as I can go and you gasp with a loud shriek of joy. Then, just as quickly, I pull out. You whimper and beg for more but I simply stand back and admired the gleam of your sticky juices completely soaking the entire length of my rigid shaft. You are going to taste this and you are going to love it as much as I do. Walking back around to your head I lift your chin with the palm of my hand and guide myself all the way down your throat.

The chaotic **** halts for a moment as all eyes turn to us. You hungrily and eagerly suck me like a starving woman and I can’t stop myself shaking and moaning with delight as your nose rubs up against my pelvic bone. The feeling is all consuming, the fever builds within me to an uncontrollable spasm. Nearing the very edge of my limits I sharply pull out as I shake and jolt in a joy of physical release. You grab hold of my rigid penis and pump savagely until a burning hot stream of sticky fluid suddenly shoots out to cover your face and breasts, followed by more and more, until you are coated and glistening. You look up at me and flash a smile of pure pleasure. I instantly drop to my knees and kiss you full on the mouth, then I greedily lick and lap up my own juices and share them with you in a deep and loving kiss of pure passion.

But you are ready for more and I am far from finished. Instantly springing to hardness again as I move back to your gorgeous behind, still glistening with your own orgasmic eruption; sodden and dripping with moisture. Without a word I place my hard **** once again onto your soft, beautiful lips and pause just long enough to make your cute little bottom squirm. Then, rising up onto my toes and holding fast for just a few heartbeats, I then allow the full weight of my body to crash down into you, piercing my erection fully inside your tightly gripping vagina. It’s exactly what you have been waiting for and it makes your insides shudder with delight.

You scream with the thrill of being taken by me in front of hundreds of spectators. Your body shudders and squirms with every stroke and you command me to **** you harder and harder. By now you are leaking wildly and every time I plunge into you and draw myself out again more of your juices flow out over the both of us. I am frantically working up a heavy sweat. Perspiration drips from my forehead to soak your saturate your undulating lower back. I can barely contain my need to burst but I’m determined to hold out until you are ready too. I smack your tight bum with every stroke, shouting that you are the best little **** in the world. By now your bladder is so full of all the wine you drank earlier in the evening that each time I sink into your body drops of wee uncontrollably squirt out, covering us with even more gooey liquid.

The voyeurs in the audience take their cue from you as you edge closer to climax and the entire space is filled with the moans and growls of sexual satisfaction. People start climaxing all over the room, screaming and holding onto each other in lustful delight. Then, as you enter into a frenzy of ******, everyone stops to watch you and only you. Your body heaves and contorts frantically as you lose control of your actions and your emotions. There is nothing left in your head now except an overwhelming need to be consumed in ******. Feeling me hammer in and out of your body like a mad man, a scream begins to rise in your throat and builds in volume as you come closer and closer. Suddenly you are gripped in the throes of the most monumental ****** you have ever experienced. Your body falls into spasms of thrashing and shuddering. You explode from deep inside, covering us both in a deluge of slick juices. As you are taken with the moment your body loses complete control and in the height of ****** you also unleash a jet a clear, white hot wee, covering the both of us in a torrent of fluid and soaking the cushion underneath. And that is all I can take. I scream out in a guttural bellow as I pound home for the very last time before blasting off gallons of burning hot ***** into your womb.

Shaking and limp, we both collapse onto the cushion in a spent and heaving mass of sopping wet satisfaction. The crowd erupts in a roar of applause. The thunder of clapping surrounds us as the curtains are drawn closed, and as I lay exhausted and completely spent on top of your small frame I whisper in your ear again and again: “I love you baby, I love you more than anything in my life.”

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