I love reading erotica; there’s something delicious and sinful, fun and exhilarating about it… the way the authors weaves worlds of passionate delight through their words in order to excite, to enthral, to engorge the readers minds and appetites – the sensuality of the words and the way they dance and tease through your own imagination, stirring up longing and wonder, desire and need; the skill of the storyteller enabling you to become immersed within the imagery, embraced by the fluidity and sated by the outcome of the characters as they dance around each other, how the stories build on the tensions, the infatuations and obsessions between them, climbing ever higher, before reaching their climatic peak – oh god…. Yeah…. Do I love erotica!!!

lostlittlefirefly lostlittlefirefly
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I think you can enjoy a book so much more than pictures as you become immersed and involved with the characters. The chase. The intimacy. The closeness of the whole experience. Add me please

Tap into the feeling emotions describe the smells tastes the pulsing moist warmth. just using nasty doesn't arouse me. the autobiography of a flea was once my best read. Lolita let me down. some asstr.assm, kristenand nifty are good so is literotica. Some of the **** vids are too contrived for me

I am right there with you sweets .............. I love it too, probably way too much ...... :)

can there be such a thing? mmmhhh now you got me wondering!! ;-)

Actually, I don't think so. The only reason i say probably too much is becuase i can't seem to get my work done for thinging about sex in some form or fashion, i just love everything there is about sex. if I can't be doing it then i love reading about it, talking about it or thinking about it .............. that don't leave much time for anything else .............. LOL