A Woman Cheats.

After fifteen years of marriage, my wife began an affair with a man who had a tremendous effect on her, sexually. Up to that point our marriage had been on the rocks and was the motivation for her pursuing the affair. Perhaps that isn’t a fair statement because she didn’t pursue the affair, it just happened. More accurately, it was the culmination of years of stress and strain coupled with the unintended meeting of a guy who turned her head. You could say this man swept her off her feet in a moment of extreme weakness.

Apparently, it had been going on for several weeks when I became aware of it. The manner in which I found out about it was clearly accidental. I’m no sleuth so it is fair to say that Laurie could have carried this thing on for years and I would have been none the wiser had it not been for a phone call.

Our health care business had been struggling to keep up with finances at the same time we were attempting to collect outstanding debts owed. Our outstanding balances had they been paid even at 50% would have erased our debts. As it was, we were barely collecting 25% of our fees while providing full service at reasonable and customary fees. So it wasn’t like we were over-charging for our service, in fact we were among the more reasonably priced providers in the area. Laurie was on the phone with insurance companies who denied claims for the slightest reason and in many cases for no reason at all which only added to the frustration.

She and I worked harder than anyone we knew and we were struggling to exist. Everyone else seemed to be doing fine. We were at a loss. We knew what to do and our coach said we were doing it right but something wasn’t clicking. Topping it off was the continued breakage of computers, infestations of rodents and raccoons, floods, coupled with an unreasonable landlord. Once we had a challenge dealt with, another immediately followed which was again followed by another and another. This flow of challenges ate away our cash reserves. What money we made was automatically allocated to debt. As one might guess this constant state of challenge led us both to extremes of emotion. Reason was nowhere to be found.

One day after a particularly difficult phone call, Laurie reached the limit of her psychological endurance. She didn’t say a word, just stared at the phone shaking. Her eyes were burning red with tears but she refused to let them fall. The stress had pushed her too far. As it happened we’d had a decent collections day so I pulled out two hundred dollars and handed it to her.

“Here, call one of your friends and go out tonight, Ok?” She took the money, stared at it for a full minute before putting it in her purse. I watched her walk down the hall defeated and demoralized. The sight nearly brought me to tears. She had believed in me and trusted that I would provide her with a life that allowed her to live nicely. Neither of us ever thought that we’d be in this spot after so many years.

I stayed late and didn’t get home until close to 10pm. As I expected, Laurie was out. Undressing I threw my clothes on the bed, and put on an old sweatshirt, some 501s and my favorite canvas shoes which were soiled from years of hard use. It’s funny how the ugliest and most abused pair of shoes or boots can end up as the favorite of any man, whereas the nicest and least abused pair of shoes become the woman’s favorite. I smiled at my appearance in Laurie’s full-length mirror noting with humor how Laurie would have disapproved of the vagabond reflected there.

As I stepped toward the door I noticed that Laurie had left the clothes she had worn that day on the bed. Then I noticed her ‘personals’ drawer was open; the drawer in which she kept her naughty lingerie. It was rather odd since she rarely ever got into it even with me. I looked through it wondering why she needed to wear sexy underwear. I’m no dolt but I did not believe that she had put on her sexy underwear with the intention of doing anything with it. This was a woman who rarely thought of sex as more than a marital obligation. So I closed the drawer and headed down the hall and out the front door without another thought.

The night was warm and the surf was crashing harder than usual so I decided to stroll along the beach. Nobody was on the beach as far as I could tell so I enjoyed a sense of solitude as I watched a storm approach. After I’d gone a mile or so the weather took a bad turn forcing me to head home. Just as I was turning I heard a moan on the wind and glimpsed motion in the shadows a few yards away. As I stared at the spot where I’d heard the moan I heard it again, only louder.

“Yes, like that…yes” a female voice moaned. A wry smile broke onto my face as my mischievous side decided to get a closer look. Whoever it was had not seen me so I crawled up one side of the dune and belly crawled to within feet of my quarry.

Two shadows lay mingled in the saddle of two dunes. A woman lay on her back, legs spread wide, knees in the air with one heel dug into the sand and the other resting on her companion who was lying between her legs, resting his head on her thigh. One of his arms was wrapped around her waist and the other was busy finger ******* her apparently trying to bury his whole hand inside her. Whatever he was doing she liked it. From my vantage point, I could see that her panties were wrapped around her ankle which lay across her companion’s back. Her dress was hiked up around her waist.

“If you keep this up you’ll have to **** me again, husband or not. God, Oh god…this feels soo good.”

He chuckled and increased his pace bringing her to an ****** that rocked her world. Sea birds protested her cries as she screamed, “Ahhhhhh…..ahhh…AHHHHHHHHHH!!!”

When her breathing returned to normal, she whispered, “You have to **** me…I need you to **** me…please.”

Again, he chuckled. “I will, I will but not here,” he said. They lay there for what seemed an eternity watching the surf. He rested his head on her thigh and she ran a few fingers through his hair. His fingers meanwhile were still working their magic on her. Every so often she would rock her head backwards and moan with approval.

Lightning struck miles out to sea, which served as a signal for them to leave. He got up slowly and pulled her to her feet. He reached down, picked up her panties and put them into his pocket. Her dress had stuck around her waist and her *** was covered with sand. She brushed off the sand and I saw a tattoo similar to one Laurie had, in the same place and same cheek.

Shaking my head, I dismissed it. There was no way Laurie would ever…no…she wouldn’t. I remained in place and let them move down the beach. When they were no longer in sight I got up and headed home. My mind stuck on the tattoo and the fact that the woman was built very much like my wife, but not once did I entertain the idea that it might have been Laurie.

The rain began falling as I reached the door to the apartment; it was only 11pm. I could have sworn that I’d been gone longer than that. I was not one to call Laurie on her nights out because I disliked being checked up on and I’m a firm believer in ‘do unto others’ or live and let live. If she was having a good time, I didn’t want to interrupt her, though I have to admit I had no idea where she was or who she was with. Like I said, I was never one to pry.

I opened the fridge, pulled out a beer and sat under the awning. The rain had a soothing drone to it and the surf was so heavy that I could feel the concussion of each wave crashing. It is strange that such a violent force of nature could be so calming. Wrapping myself in an old wool blanket, I settled in to listen and meditate. My thoughts fell on the couple I’d discovered on the beach.

The woman was obviously married and not to the guy between her legs. I held no judgment nor did I think ill of the woman for doing what she had done. At some level I understood her wanting to feel someone different, to feel the excitement of a new relationship with the steadiness of a relationship at home.

I was thinking like a guy though. Women have different and more complex motivations for having an affair. It’s tougher for them due to the emotional component that is often required to give themselves to a man. Adding to the complication is the fact that men are less likely to forgive cheating due to possessiveness. However, a woman will forgive her man more readily due to her emotional attachment to him, deserved or not.

My thoughts drifted to wondering where they were now and what exactly they were doing to consummate their tryst.

An hour or so later I went inside and hopped in the shower to get the sand off. Wasting no time I simply rinsed off the sand and changed into my PJs and slippers. It was 12:15am and I was expecting Laurie home soon. Actually, I had expected her home much earlier. It wasn’t her habit to stay out late. Deciding to wait up for her, I reached for one of my books and started to read. Somewhere between the Admiral Benbow Inn and the stage-ride to Bristol I dozed off.

The next thing I knew the phone was ringing. I started from my sleep and noted the time: it was 1:15am. Caller ID said it was Laurie so I answered expecting to hear her tell me she was on her way home or that she needed me to come get her. When my ear hit the receiver, I nearly dropped the phone.

There was no mistaking Laurie’s voice. "I shaved my *****...like you wanted," she said as she put her purse down.

"Good. I hope you won't mind if we get right to it, I've waited too long to see you...I want to taste you.....now". Laurie laughed and squealed as she apparently fell to the bed with a soft 'thud'.

"Ok...ok...um....yesss. oh ...Greg…eat my *****….yes…yes…..lick my married ***** Ahhhhhhhhunuh…!” From the creaking of bed springs and several loud thuds of the head board hitting the wall I imagined that she was thrashing about heavily. She was certainly more vocal with him than she had ever been with me, to my dismay. Then something heavy hit the floor with a ‘thud’. Laurie started to laugh hysterically.

“I haven’t *** like that in years,” she said, gasping for air.

“Are you ok?” he asked.

“I’m ok,” she replied still laughing.

“Good. Get back up here and let me finish,” he said laughing.


“Yes, finish. That ****** wasn’t anything.”

A nervous “Really?” came from Laurie as the bed springs indicated her presence once again on the bed. In seconds, he was at it again and she was moaning and thrashing about and soon screaming even more loudly.

“Ahhh…ahhh…You’re….you’re ******* me with your tongue? God...h-how long is it? Don't stop...just keep going...yesss” she cried out surrendering to the physical sensations that were overwhelming her body and mind.

“Unuhhhh…ohhh…d,don’t stop!!” she cried.

“OOOOOO….Yes…yes, deeper….deeper….ohhhmmm….”

Staring into the receiver, I could not believe what I was hearing. Part of me wanted to hang up while another part of me wanted to watch. He was true to his word because when she came again, she came hard. What came from her voice were not the high pitched squeals she usually emitted during ******. Instead, what I heard was a deep groan that started low and grew until she was screaming.

“Oh…MY, G-Gaaaaaaaaawwd!!!!....Ohhhhhhh Gawwwwd! Ahhhhuhmmhuhaaaaaaa.Uhhhh,,,unnnnuhhhh…..”

He made her *** twice in this fashion before she passed out. She was out for a few minutes giving him enough time to gargle and take a shower. By the time he was back, she was coming to panting like a dog in heat. When she recovered sufficiently, she asked, "What have you done to me?"

"What do you mean?" he asked.

“I want to suck your ****. I never wanted to do that before I met you. Now…I want to have your **** in my mouth all the time."

I couldn't believe what I was hearing. There was a long silence then some shuffling mixed with the slow ‘shhhhh' of his towel being drawn down. After a very brief moment he moaned pleasurably as my wife of 15 years gave him head. I heard nearly every lick and gag she emitted. Every so often she would take a breath sometimes speaking and sometimes not.

One time she said, “I can’t explain it but I love having you in my mouth....” She paused. “...I want to feel the whole thing sliding in and out of my mouth and throat,” she said.

He responded casually asking, “You want to deep throat me?”

There was a brief pause before she responded. “Yeah, I guess that is the word for it, deep throat. I want to know what it is like to feel your beautiful **** sliding all the way in…deep.”

I fell backwards from my chair hitting the floor with a loud thud. I hadn’t noticed that I had fallen backwards as I stared into the speaker in disbelief. For years I’d begged shamelessly for my wife to suck my **** and at least ‘pretend’ to it like. Now here she was offering to deep throat some guy she’d recently met.

His voice broke my reverie. “Well, if you insist,” he said softly. I was kind of miffed at my wife for denying me the pleasure she was about to give this guy, but at the same time I was turned on.

The next sounds that greeted me were creaking bed springs and the shuffle of bodies on sheets.

"If you lie on your back and hang your head off the bed that should open your throat so that I have a straight shot. You should be able to take me deeper, eventually.”

He paused. "Laurie, don't expect to do this all tonight, this sort of thing takes some time and practice, ok?"

I was rather annoyed at the instructional tone he had taken. He sounded more like a teacher giving a lesson instead of a guy about to feed his **** to my wife.. She didn’t say a word but took her place on the bed.

“When you are ready just relax your mouth and throat. Then use my hips to guide me in when you are ready. I won’t ‘force’ myself on you. You are going to have to make this happen at your own pace.”

She moaned approval. Soon I could hear him moan his approval mixed with the sound of his **** sliding between my wife’s lips. There was minor gagging, then a moan from my wife; she was enjoying it.

The next few minutes went slowly and I went to the bathroom to drain the beer I’d so far consumed. When I returned I heard his voice waft from the speaker, “Oh babe…there it is…..oh this is perfect…perfect…” He moaned in rhythm with the sounds of his **** sliding in and out of my wife’s mouth.

After a few moments she spoke up, “I’m not ready for you to *** in my mouth….but….Uhmm...,” her voice trailed off.

“What?” he asked.

“I want…I want…,” her voice trailed off again.

“What?” he asked sounding concerned.

Then she blurted out, “Would you to *** on my face?” She fell silent as if ashamed to have admitted such a thing.

He said in a gentle, loving tone, “It’s nothing to be ashamed of. I’ve wanted to do that since I met you; I figured that it wasn’t appropriate to ask on the first date, especially since we were on a public pier.”

Laurie laughed. “Had you suggested it I may have let you. It isn’t normal for me to suck a **** in private much less on a public pier. I loved doing it. I don’t know what you’ve done to me; I’d let you do anything to me.” she sounded almost giddy which was out of character

There was a long pause before he spoke again “Anything? Are you sure? What if I wanted to **** you in the ***?”

There was a long, long pause. “Ok, but I’d have to work up to it,” she said finally. In a period of a few minutes she had verbally acknowledged her desire to please him in ways I had been denied and acknowledged the fact that she had already given him head, in public!! I was getting pissed now. Clearly, there was something about this guy that drove her inhibitions away. Was it chemical, hormonal or a general shift in consciousness from the chronic stress? God only knows.

Our relationship had in recent years, been adversarial. She had taken to denying me sexual gratification in defiance of my not providing her with a stress free life. I understood her wanting to ‘punish’ me; though she did not say so, it was understood to be so. My mind raced with confusing thoughts and emotions and the hint of second thoughts about Laurie ******* another man, an idea she had apparently taken a liking to. I stepped over to the fridge and got a beer, I was getting a little drunk by this time.

There was no sound coming from the speaker and I wondered if I had lost the connection. Checking the phone, we were still connected as her name was still on the ID screen.

His voice broke the silence. “I’ll tell you what, when the time comes that you want to try anal, let me know and I’ll make it a great experience for you, ok?” he said.

“Ok, but I’m still getting used to sucking ****. I never enjoyed doing this before. I simply ‘want’ it in my mouth. I want to get good at it.” After a brief pause, she was sucking his **** again.

It was several minutes before I heard his breathing increase as he approached ******. “I’m going to *** soon,” he muttered.

There was a shuffle of sound and squeaking of bed springs. “When you are ready…just pull out and…***.”

I guess my mouth dropped open because I could not believe she was actually requesting that he *** on her face. Up to a point, I believed that she would chicken out. I was wrong. She continued and his moans became more pronounced and his breath more labored. Then his voice exploded in a sound of animal release…“Uuugggghhhgggg….ahhhhhh!”

Laurie moaned something that sounded like approval as he came and she willingly let him coat her face with his ***.

She sighed. “I have always wanted this,” she said softly. Neither spoke for several minutes.

“Do you want a towel?” he asked.

“Yeah,” she said sleepily. A bed spring creaked as he got up.

Water ran in the sink and the pad of footsteps approached. “Here,” he said.

“Thank you,” she replied. A few moments of silence followed as she wiped her face clean. He sat back on the bed.

“That first night on the pier? I had no idea that things would go so far...at least not so quickly. I was affraid you'd get to
thinking about it and get upset with me for taking advantage of you or something,” he said sounding almost ashamed.

Ther was a significant pause before she answered “I would have been more upset if we hadn't,” Laurie replied. “I took my thong off in the ladies room so we could. Why do you think I let you finger me in the restaurant?" she said in an unusually consolitary tone. "Don't feel bad because we did what we did...I wanted it to happen..and I made sure that it did...so you can
stop worrying about it." This was followed by what sounded like a kiss.

He was quiet for a time "I just want you to know that I would have waited had you suggested it" he said quietly.

"But I was the one who started things, wasn't I? Her voice trailed of at the end of the sentence.

There was a moment of silence followed by a soft laugh before he replied. "Yeah. Being handed a thong was rather a telling
suggestion" he said.

"I think we both knew that we were looking for more than just casual conversation, right? Something happened to me that night something I do not regret and I want to keep seeing you' she paused and I heard a shuffle of noise 'and I will be greatly disappointed in you if you do not **** me again....tonight...and again...and again..."

"I was planning to," he said.

“Good,” Laurie cooed.

They kissed passionately for several minutes as I sat staring into the speaker. I didn’t have much of an issue with her ******* this guy or sucking his **** but I did have a problem with them kissing. Weird.

Kissing was Laurie’s thing; it made it personal for her. They kissed and talked while he recovered. I heard them talking about stuff in soft undertones but couldn’t make out a word of what they said. I moved about the apartment while they ‘got to know each other’ and visited the bathroom again.

When I returned from the bathroom there was a moan and a creaking of a bed spring.

“Say it,” he said softly.

“Say what?” my wife asked playfully.

“Say, ‘**** me’. I love hearing you say it,” he said.

A brief moment lapsed in silence before I heard my wife declare in a loud voice "**** me Greg, **** my married *****' and her voice softened to include 'please..put your beautiful **** inside me". A low moan indicated the precise moment his **** penetrated her folds. From what I had heard they had ****** already the night they met. Her voice was passionate and without regret. "Keep going...keep going....Yessss, yesss…**** me, **** me. I want every inch of you in me. Ahuhnnuh…yessssssssss...yes, yes...oh god...ohhh goddd......” He was in and she was loving it. She sighed in satisfaction and contentment as he slid his **** into her. They kissed and I heard a loud moan from my wife.

Part of me was hurt while another part of me was aching to watch this guy stuff his **** into my wife. Putting on the speakerphone, I pulled up a seat. For months I’d wanted Laurie to **** another man. I do not know how it started, but the thought was appealing and had been growing more and more intense each time the thought drifted through my mind. Upon sharing this with Laurie she would throw her arms up in disgust and storm out of the room. Now here she was ******* another man. Clearly the idea had appealed to her or this wouldn’t have been happening.

Through the speaker, I could hear the sound of his **** penetrating my wife, a sound not unlike a snake slithering through Vaseline: a long snake.

Suddenly my wife gasped…"Uhnnuh…I, I‘ve never had anything so deep before you.” Laurie moaned, “Mmmmm...more…more....”

The bed creaked as he lay on top of her. They kissed softly for a few moments before I heard a low moan from each of them. Laurie gasped and moaned.

Another gasp from my wife “Oh God…Greg!!……”

Though I could not see her I could tell that she had arched her back and was bending backwards on the bed. She gasped and cooed softly as he snaked himself into her.

“Aaaahhhh!!! Oh god it’s in…it’s in…I can feel your heart beat,” she whispered.

They kissed softly. Her moans indicated subtle motions that pleased her.

After a few moments, Laurie cooed, “**** me…**** me.”

I was rock hard and unable to sit comfortably. Standing wasn’t much better so I crossed my legs to relieve the pressure. It didn’t work. Running to the bedroom I ******** off my jeans and put on sweats which allowed my erection room to throb comfortably.

I could hear their bodies coming together with a soft barely audible ‘thuk’ mixed with a low grunting moan from my wife as he bottomed out “Uuhhhhmm, yes,……yes,” she whispered. A slow rhythmic ‘thuk….thuk…thuk….thuk’, pulsed over the speaker. Laurie’s moans kept rhythm with each thrust he made into her.

“Uhhn…uhhhn….uhhn….uhhhn”. Neither spoke as the sound of his thrusts pulsed through the speaker. Thuk….thuk…..thuk…...thuk…...thuk..... Every so often he would pump his **** into her savagely….causing her to squeal, “Yessss ahhh...yes, .harder….harder…..**** me…harder...harder…uhhh…uhhh…uhhh.” He would then return to a slower pace.

“I love it when you do **** me like that,” she said in a smoky voice uncharacteristic of the woman I had known for so long or thought I had known. Her moans were barely audible as he ****** her. Only by her moans and the occasional squeaking of the bed springs could I tell that they were still *******.

He had come at least once that I was aware and so had staying power. Soon Laurie was breathing faster and harder and her moans were less audible, which meant that she was working up to ******.

“Greg.....please...let me ***… Let me ***!!!" There was a shuffling of bodies on the sheets and a clear moan from Laurie as he repositioned himself.

Then Laurie spoke in a husky voice, “Grab my hips and **** me hard…**** me hard…drill me…**** me.” However, instead of his usual quick, shallow rhythm I had heard before, the sound of the bed springs compressing under his weight as he rose to his knees came through the speaker.

My wife inhaled sharply then gasped, “Ahuhhh…Unnhhh…yesss.”

There was a brief pause, then he asked, “Are you ready?”

Laurie’s voice was barely audible, “Give it to me..hard.”

Like a slow draw of breath I felt the tension rising in the form of a low whine from my wife as he pulled out followed by a resounding PUK!!! Followed immediately by a cry of both ecstasy and surprise by Laurie, “Ohhhh My God….oh yeah..., **** me like that…**** me like that….”

He had pulled out nearly all the way and had rammed his **** home causing his skin to slap against Laurie’s bare skin. The sound of which was similar to ‘PUK’. Another slow drawing out of his **** was again followed by a cry of ecstasy as their skin came together with a ‘PUK’. Slowly his pace picked up as he gave Laurie long, full strokes, pulling out all the way and burying himself as deep as he could back in to my wanting wife. Eventually as his pace increased the sound of ‘puk…puk…puk….puk’ was replaced by my wife’s cries of pleasure and pleading…aaaahhh…..uhhhh…..ahhhh….mmm….mmm. With each stroke she emitted a cry of pleasure. Then Puk, puk, puk was replaced by quicker more repetitive sounds of thuk, thuk, thuk as his pace increased. So did the force of his thrusts which eventually caused my wife to emit low growling noises that sounded as if she was howling as she approached ******. His attack on her increased in speed and savagery as she started to squeal and moan as her ****** approached.

It wasn't long before I heard her breathing harder and faster....followed by a long guttural moan that broke into a cry of passion, "I'm *******...I’m *******....Oh...Greg....Ughnnnnnnnnn!"

Almost at the same instant he came and filled my wife with his *** "Uhnnnnnah...ohhhh..oh….oh..!" he grunted as my wife let out a low cooing moan.

"Yes... fill me with your ***…I love how it feels” A dull thud came over the speaker suggesting that someone had just collapsed on the bed.

"Leave it in... please." Laurie said in a tired, breathless tone. For the next 20 minutes or more they kissed and talked and eventually were ******* again. This time they ****** in a more intimate slow fashion which ended with my wife having another screaming ******. It was near two am before I hung up the phone and nearly 3:30 before my wife joined me in bed smelling like hotel soap. They had probably ****** in the shower after I hung up I thought to myself.

As the months following the phone call progressed, I got to know when he was around. Laurie would take extended lunches and return very much content and flushed. She inevitably had a 'date' for one of the weekend evenings that coincided with her extended lunches from which she would come home late smelling of hotel soap. However, the accidental telephone call never happened again. Clearly that had been a quirk of fate.

Strange as it sounds, I didn’t get upset or jealous because I was reaping the benefits of his influence. She actually started giving me real blow jobs which she had never done before. She even began to swallow. This blew me away when she first did it. I later learned that he was instructing her to do it. A sort of game they played when apart. He'd call and tell her what to do and she'd do it. After awhile I learned the pattern to his visits, which apparently were business related trips. He would show up every few weeks with never more than a month between visits. He’d be in town two to three days and stay at the Best Western less than a mile from where we lived.

I decided to purchase some home surveillance cameras with a wireless remote recording device and monitor. According to the brochure the monitor could be within two miles of the system and still receive and record what the cameras caught. It was my hope to catch my wife with this guy. Not for the purpose of divorcing her but because I knew that she was not into letting me watch. Since she’d been seeing this guy, I’d raised the question a few times to see if she would consider it. She was not interested. So I took matters into my own hands. The kit came with three cameras that looked very much like pens. Two were fixed wide-angle lens cameras, which could pick up an entire room and give a fairly clear picture even in low light. The third was able to zoom and focus. I placed the two fixed focus cameras in the living room one on top of the china cupboard and the second I put in the intake vent so that I could see every angle of the living room. The third camera I placed in the bedroom to cover the bed so that I could see from the upper left corner of the bed and miss nothing that happened there. I left them there long enough to test the range and reception. Once that was done I put them away until I felt there was a reasonable chance that Laurie would invite him home.

A month after I had purchased the equipment my chance came. Laurie had taken one of her long lunches with him and I decided to bait the trap by announcing that I would be leaving for the weekend for a license renewal seminar.. I had already done my required hours but I often took more than I was required to keep on the safe side so Laurie was not surprised by my announcement. In truth, I'd arranged to stay at a local camp ground less than a mile from our house. In fact the actual location of my campsite was less than 1/3 mile from the house: a perfect location for my equipment. The first chance I had I placed my cameras in the chosen locations and switched them on. The day I left, I checked that everything was working fine. I kissed Laurie good-bye early that morning, pulled out of the drive and headed to the campsite to set up my monitors.

Ten minutes later I had my monitor set up on the dinette table to ensure that it was receiving the images I wanted. Everything checked out.. Since it was early morning it was not likely that he would show up until later that day. Every so often, I checked the monitor to see what was happening. At noon Laurie was cleaning house then she worked on her computer for nearly 3 hours. Then she left the house on what appeared to be a grocery run because she came back carrying milk and several small bags of food.

It was mid afternoon when Laurie answered her phone. She spoke for 30 or 40 minutes pacing around as she talked to the person on the other end. I had only one camera with a microphone and that was in the bedroom so I couldn’t hear what she was saying. It did appear that she was somewhat excited though that could have been my imagination working. When she hung up the phone she was visibly excited. Then she dialed her phone and in the next instant my phone rang. “Hey, how is your convention going?” she asked. I answered with a short less than enthusiastic grumble. “I’m sorry, but it’s something you have to do.” I answered again with a grumble. “What time tomorrow does it end?” she asked sounding a shade nervous. I told her I’d likely be home late in the afternoon but that I would call before I left so she knew when to expect me.

At this her excitement was palpable through the phone. On the screen I saw her glance up at the clock. “Ok, just checking in. Don’t forget to call ok?” We said our good byes and she hung up the phone. On screen she jumped about like an excited teenager and without missing a beat she dialed her phone and began chatting excitedly to 'him'. In a matter of a few brief moments she had hung up the phone. I didn't see her on any screen for the next hour.

My camper was a pop top with a bed on either end. I picked the one closest to the dinette so I could watch the monitor. After a while the wind picked up and rain pelted the canvas top. It was enough to cause me to drift off. I must have been more tired than I realized because it was near dark when I awoke. Checking the monitors I couldn't see Laurie anywhere. I’d purchased a fourth camera for outside use and had drilled a hole in one of the boards in the gate so that I could check to see if her car was still there. Flipping on that camera I could see that her car was still present. I then gathered that she was in the shower or at her computer, places where I had not placed a camera. After a few minutes she came out of the shower wearing a robe. Then she returned to the dressing room and remained there for 30 or more minutes.

Popping the top on a beer I settled against a pile of blankets and pillows to watch the monitor. I was beginning to think that she wasn’t going to meet this guy. When she emerged from the dressing room she was wearing her hair up in a French braid but what caught my eye was the satin negligee she had on. It was a dark button down night shirt that went half way down her thigh and she was wearing a dark lacy thong. (I knew this only because when she bent down to start the fire I got a shot of it as she struck the match.) It was confirmed, he was coming to the house! Upon realizing this, my **** sprang to life. For the next 20 minutes Laurie busied herself tending the fire and chilling the wine she had purchased in her day’s travels. The rain was coming down harder and the temperature had dropped significantly so I lit the heater and cranked it to max output. Soon the trailer was toasty warm. Mounting the bunk once again I crawled into my sleeping bag and sat against the frame.

As I settled in Laurie who had been sitting by the fire place jumped up and nearly ran to the front door. The next 30 seconds were the longest 30 seconds I had ever experienced. When they came into view I got my first look at Greg. He was tall nearly six feet and he was well built. He was wearing jeans and cowboy boots and a leather bomber jacket, in his right hand was a motorcycle helmet. Laurie walked next to him holding his hand and guided him to the couch. Dropping the helmet next to the couch he ******** off his jacket and sat back. He had long blonde hair that he kept in a loose pony tail and he was clean shaven. His face was that of a man in his mid 40s, but fit with it. Laurie knelt beside him on the couch and kissed him. After a few minutes she poured the wine she had chilled and brought it to him kneeling beside him.

The next 20 minutes were spent in conversation. I was beginning to think nothing would happen when Laurie leaned in to rest her head on his shoulder while sliding her left hand down to massage his package. After a few minutes he had become visibly hard and then Laurie straddled his lap and kissed him as she began grinding her pelvis against him. His hands gripped her waist as her head tilted down to look at him.. Her hands reached in front of her and unbuttoned the night shirt which was soon dangling off her shoulders. From the way her head rocked back and forth he was busy on her breasts. From this point things moved pretty fast. Laurie had moved back to his side, ******** off her night shirt and was now frantically unbuttoning his jeans. He helped by lifting his *** and she yanked his jeans down to mid thigh.

What popped free was impressive. He was hung, standing tall and shaved bare. Kicking off his boots he let his jeans down the rest of the way and kicked them to the side where his helmet lay. Laurie then leaned in and took his **** into her mouth. With her hair in a French braid I could see her mouth stretch over his tool. It was clear that she had been giving head quite often since they'd met because she didn't appear to have any problem whatsoever with giving him head. She even appeared to have mastered the gag reflex because every so often she slid his tool deep, though she was doing him from the side. As she worked his **** in and out of her mouth his hand began massaging her back and shoulders working its way down to her thong...soon his fingers were grazing the top of her cheeks. This position didn't sit well with her so it wasn't long before she was on her knees between his legs. With her back to me her head bobbed up and down and from side to side as she licked his shaft one side then the other. It was clear that Laurie had learned to like her new talent and was making sure he enjoyed it as much as she did.

After a bit he said something and lay down on the couch. Laurie stood up, peeled off her thong and straddled his face as they assumed the 69 position. This position apparently offered Laurie an easier angle because she was fully engaged in deep throat action almost immediately. His hands were gripping her thighs as he licked and probed her ***** with an expert tongue. She came several times each time rocking her head back as her body jerked and jolted from the ******* he had created. Her last ****** was audible from the bedroom microphone. After which she attacked his **** with some enthusiasm and deep throated him with expertise and finesse. When he came I saw his head rock backward as his body stiffened, as this happened Laurie took his **** and swallowed it deep as he came. Just the sight of my wife doing this was a turn on.

While they recovered Laurie said something to him and he nodded in agreement. Several cushions were then tossed onto the floor as were several blankets. They sat down poured more wine into their glasses and leaned against the couch to watch the fire. Laurie snuggled close to Greg and sipped her wine. His arm was around her shoulders as they sat quietly. They seemed to be sharing a comfortable moment where speech was not necessary. Laurie had several glasses of wine which he had over filled each time.

It was apparent that they were in no hurry and wanted to make this evening last as long as possible. After several glasses of wine Laurie usually shed her inhibitions to some degree. Considering that she had already shed most of her inhibitions without the help of alcohol for this man there was no telling where she might go under the influence of wine. Emptying the first bottle into her glass they snuggled together for a long time kissing intermittently until there was evidence that his pole was standing tall again. Once this happened Laurie began stroking his organ under the blanket. In due course she got onto her knees at which time his hand reached underneath her and began stroking her *****. I had a near perfect view of this action because the camera was in perfect alignment with her body. Again they kissed as his fingers did magic to her *****. When she’d had enough of this she straddled his legs just below his groin and pressed her pelvis up against the under belly of his **** which reached her navel easily.

Hugging it to her belly she stroked it as if it were a favorite pet. Greg leaned back and put his hands behind his head and let Laurie do what she wanted. It was only a few minutes but it seemed like an eternity that she sat contemplating what she wanted to do with this ****. Then she released it with one hand and leaned forward to kiss him deeply. Raising her pelvis and rocking forward she used her other hand to guide his tool to her opening. Sliding back down slowly she took him in. From my angle I could only see her from the side but it was clear that she was taking his **** into her ***** by the way she was slowly moving down onto him.

When her pelvis met his, her mouth opened in a silent gasp as she let her whole weight fall onto his ****. Her hands pressed against her belly as if to feel him inside her. She looked down to where they were now joined and closed her eyes. She leaned forward and kissed him gently again. As she kissed him her arms reached out so she could lean against the couch for support. She was now leaning forward and rocking herself back and forth onto him slowly sliding his shaft in and out. He leaned back further allowing her more room to move.

Opening her eyes she smiled at him and slid down onto him grinding her pelvis against him each time she bottomed out. When she rocked forward she would bring her *** up so that her back arched so that she could feel more of his shaft moving in and out. When she took him deep her pelvis arched forward and then moved backward impaling herself. She kept this up for at least 10 minutes before she sat fully onto his **** in a seated position and used her fingers to bring herself to ******. Her ****** was apparently a strong one as she had her mouth wide open in what would have been a scream only I couldn’t hear it. Laurie then collapsed onto his chest and covered herself with the blanket. Only he wasn’t done and within a few moments of her collapsing onto him he rolled her onto her back. Kneeling between her legs he lay on top of her and slowly rocked his pelvis so that his **** pumped into and out of Laurie. Her hands were on his back and at his waist in alternating positions until she fixed her hands on his waist and began to pull him deeper into her.

In a flurry of motion she wrapped her legs around him and then wrapped her arms around his shoulders. He then picked her up and set her on the couch after which she relaxed her grip and brought her knees to her chest. His hands were on her waist in a flash and in a brief pause during which Laurie spoke to him he was still. When she finished she smiled at him and he ****** her like there was no tomorrow. He started out slow but picked up the pace until he was hammering her without mercy. Her body jerked with each thrust. I could see her mouth open as she cried out at his attack….whatever it was she said clearly was urging him on…because he continued to attack savagely. When Laurie came I could see her stiffen and her head rock back as spasm after spasm took her. When she came again I could see on the camera her face and it was pure ecstatic bliss but just as the final spasms of her ****** took her, he came. His back arched and his pelvis contracted as he drove his **** deep into Laurie and came. My screen then whited out..as the power had gone out at the house....crap!!!
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