The Work Fling

Doug works in a small print shop and he hates his job but he is great-full that his girlfriend was able to get him the job there in these  hard economic times. It is a small shop with only a few employes most of the people are older than him by a lot his girlfriend and the bimbo he works in back with Amber are the only ones that are under 50. Amber is a lazy tattooed blond in her early thirties but acts like she is in her teens. Doug's girlfriend works in the front office so she can't see him flirting with Amber all the time. Doug is really not all that attracted to Amber but the flirting helps make the days go by faster. The Monday morning production meeting as they called it was the only meeting any of the old men would make it to they would sit in the press room , drink coffee, smoke there cigarettes and let Amber tell them about her wild weekend how much she drank, what band she saw or who she hooked up with sometimes in great detail. All the dirty old men as she called them would hang on every word she said I was pretty sure that some of her story's were highly embellished just to get a reaction out of them. Doug would sit there and listen to her story's with a smirk on his face and poke fun at her from time to time and give her a hard time about being a drunk or a **** and she would laugh at him and say you wish.

One saturday night Doug had been talked into going out to hear some ****** local band at a dive bar in old town. Doug's friends had left him sitting a the table with there drinks and coats while they went to dance to what Doug thought may have been the worst band he had ever had the displeasure of hearing. When someone came up behind him and pit there hands over his eyes and yells over the band guess who? Doug jumped and spun around in his seat to see Amber she was giggling and saying I didn't know you spoked so easily . She gave him a kiss on the head and sat down across from him she was looking pretty good tonight Doug thought to himself. She was wearing a an old torun up Skid Row t-shirt that she had cut into a deep V-neck and ripped the sleeves off she had on a tight black mini skirt with an over sized belt and black keen high boots she was looking very 80's. Doug asked her if she wanted a drink she yelled over the bad yah I'll have a vodka tonic Doug got up and went to the bar and when he cam back there was some guy sitting with Amber. Doug sat her drink down in front of her and asks so who's your friend? The white trash looking guy puts his hand out and says I'm James  Doug shook his hand and sat down across from them and Amber says I never would have thought you would like these guys and Doug says I don't I just came here with some friends they like them for some reason but some how I'm not surprised you like them. Amber says I don't really we just came in kind of as a goof but I did **** the singer a few times and she laughs and so does Doug but James looks like dog that just got kicked and Amber tells him to lighten up you big girl. James goes to get them all another drink and and Amber moves to the seat next to Doug and asks where's your old lady? Doug tells her that she really was not into this kind of music and stayed home to read. Amber says so your out on the town looking for some strange and pokes him in the ribs. Doug replies well I think strange found me and he winks at her .James makes his way back to the table with there drinks and 3 shoots of Jack Amber and Doug down there shoots and James gags on his they both laugh a little at him and Doug tells him don't worry Jack's a mans drink you'll get there one day and Amber says your right and puts her hand on Doug's knee and says you drink in and your not a man and laughs. Doug's friends make there way back to the table they are all sweaty and breathing hard from dancing  one of the yells these guys rule aren't you glad you came? Doug says no not really I could have stayed home with my girl and been getting ready for bed about now and they all laugh.They all have a few more drinks and after an hour or so Doug tells the table that he needs to **** and that he is going to call it a night  his friends call him a ***** and tell hime to be safe. As Doug comes out of the bathroom Amber jumps on his back and says. And just where the **** do you think your going? Doug tells her he's heading home to bed he guessed because he had had his fill of this ****** band. Amber tells him that her and James are heading to a club a few blocks over and that her was coming and that she was not going to take no for an answer Doug try's to protest but the next thing he knows he's walking down the street with Amber holding both Doug's and James's hands. When they get to the club they find a table and order drinks and shoots they pound there shoots and Amber asks who's dancing with me Doug and James both say they will pass for now but in a few songs for sure. As Amber makes her way to the dance floor it seamed like every guy in the place was watching her. As Doug was watching her walk and couldn't help but notice how in this light she looked so sexy I mean she was built for sex with her long legs, what he could only guess was a very tight firm *** and perfect C cup **** and her blond hair. Doug orders some more drinks and he and James sit back and watch as Amber dances with some guy she looks as if she is bored  but when Doug looks over at James he is smiling. James says see man she is not happy unless I'm with here. Doug rolls his eyes and thinks to home self wow you don't know her very well bro but you will figure it out . Just then some drunk girl bumps into Doug and spills his drink she says I'm soooo sorry let me make it up to you I will buy two drinks if you dance with me first. Doug says no thanks but the girl grabs him by the arm and starts to pull him up and he says ok one dance. The girl leads Doug down to the dance floor as they pass Amber Doug nodes at her and she gives him a halfhearted smile Doug thinks to himself that that was kind of odd but before he could give it a second thought he felt the girl push her *** into his crouch and start to grind on him. It had been a while seance Doug had danced so he was a little rusty but by the second song he had found his grove he and the drunk were rubbing and grinding on each other . She was cutie but not really his type but still he was having a good time he. Doug caught a few looks at Amber out of the corner of his eye and every time she seamed to be watching him and looking kinda pissy after a few more songs Doug passes the drunk off to some other guy and made his way back to the table where James was still watching Amber dance. Doug sits own and finishes his drink and asks James if he's ready for another he nods yes never taking his eyes off Amber and smiling like a creep. Doug makes his way to the bar and orders them all another round of drinks this time making them dubles and shots for them all just as Doug was getting back to the table Amber was walking up. She was glistening with sweat and her **** were bouncing slightly as she walked up to the table Doug thought to him self that poor James has no idea what to do with a woman like her. They get back to the tale at the same time Doug takes his seat but Amber sits on the edge of the table and says I hope some of those are for me Doug nods and she grabs a shot and puts it down and she goes for anther one and Doug grabs his and they lock eyes as pound them down. Amber asks James if he is having a good time and before he could answer she says of course you are your getting to look at me and they both laugh . Amber turns a little towards Doug and tells him I never would have thought you would have dance moves like that. Doug laughs and says yah I do pretty good when want to but that was nothing and he smiles. Amber then announces that she needs to pee and she will be right back and jumps off the table and walks fast towards the bathrooms.  When she comes back she once again sits on the edge of the table but this time closer to Doug and she says I want to dance some more and James says ok baby I'll dance with you. Amber says no I want Doug to show me his A- game. Doug says why don't you dance with James . Amber turns more towards him and she says please Dougie and she puts her lower lip . Doug tells her I think James brought his A-game. She turns more towards him and says no I want to dance with you now and I will dance with him latter. Doug puts his hand on he knee and looks up at her and says ok one song she smiles at him and says that's all I wanted. As Amber  is getting off the table she turns more to Doug and winks at him he looks down and her legs are spread a little more than they really need to be and he caught a glimpse of her white panties . Amber leads Doug to the dance floor as soon as they hit the floor she is all over him grinding her tight *** into his crouch and reaching around and running her hands over his ***. Doug was not sure what to think about all of this amber kept grinding her *** into him was really trying not to get tuned on but he was getting a bonner then he say James walking up and Doug had never been happier to some white trash guy walking toward him. James ask can I cut in? Before Doug could say anything Amber yells at him no I'm dancing with Doug now go sit down and watch. James says ok and slinks away back to the table . Amber turns to Doug and says can you believe him trying to interrupt our fun and she puts her right leg between Doug's legs and starts to grind her crouch up and down Doug's thigh. Doug slides his hands down her sides but stops at her waist and thinks to himself what am I doing? Just then Amber kisses him hard she shoves her tongue deep into his mouth Doug pushes her away but she cam right back at him wrapping her arms around his neck and kissing him again and again he pushes her off she looks so surprised . She stomps off toward James who has been watching all of this he look like hurt little kid that is about to cry for his mom. Amber grabs James by the arm and leads him to the door and they leave. Doug has a few more shots at the bar and thought to himself what the **** was that all about ? He calls a cab and goes home.

The Monday after this all happend Doug and his girlfriend got to work at there  usual time and everyone else straggles in Amber was the last to get there. We all went into the press room for ther production meeting as every body is talking Doug notices that Amber is not all that talkative and she is not even looking at him at all. One of the dirty old men ask here how her weekend was all she said was I drank so much I don't really know what I'd and she laughs. All thrue the morning Amber avoids Doug like the plague Doug's try's to joke with her just like he always does but she is not really giving it back to him. After lunch Doug has had enough of amber being all shy and avoiding him so he asks her to help him get some paper out the the back room. When they get in there Doug shuts the door and says " ok Amber let me have it" she looks down at the floor and doesn't say any thing Doug says listen I know you remember what happened and I'm sorry. Amber looks up at him and says what do you have to be sorry about I'm the one that made an *** out of my self. Doug laughs and says yes you kinda did but hey it's all good water under the bridge and I want things to go back to normal ok. Amber nodded and she walks up to him and gives him a hug and whispers thanks for being a gentleman. Doug's opens the door and on of the sales guys is walking by and asks jokingly what were you two doing in there. Amber looks at Doug and says I was giving Doug here a ******* why you jealous ? Doug smiles because he knows things are going to be fin between them.

Over the next few weeks Doug starts to notice that Amber is dressing sexer than she use to. It seamed her tops were getting a little lower cut and her pants were getting tighter. She also seamed to a lot more flirty with him but he also noticed that he was flirting a lot more to. He caught himself watching her bend over and trying to see down her shirt when ever he could. One Amber and Doug and a few of the others were sitting in the press room taking a break Amber was wearing an over sized t-shirt like a short dress with white leggings she sat down right across from Doug . As they were all talking Doug kept looking at Amber  she was sitting Indian style she had been very carefully to make sure to pull her shirt down as not to show off her crouch. But one of the last times Doug looked over at her her shirt was up higher than it had been and he could see up her shirt. Her leggings were pulled tight to her ***** and he could see her cameltoe and that she was wearing pink panty's  he got a bonner right then he looked away quickly as he didn't what to get caught looking at her. He looked up at her face and I thought she winked at him.  Latter that day Doug was bent over a table doing some paper work and Amber walks up behind him and whispers the bra matches my panties. Doug thought **** I'm busted. Amber bends over the other side of the table and Doug looks up and she says see it's pink to and she is pulling her shirt down so he can see down her shirt. Doug smiles and she winks at him and walks away wiggling her *** as she goes. Lately Amber has been rubbing up on Doug when she passes by him and she whispers to him what color panties she is wearing that day. It's a Friday and Doug shows up late to work and Amber asks him why are you so late? Doug tells her that he had to take his girlfriend to the airport she was going to see her mom back east for the weekend. Amber says well look out Doug's on the prowl and she smiles at him wickedly. Today amber is wearing a very tight and very short red mini skirt with black leggings and black button down **** with the top two buttons undone she is looking very sexy. It's after lunch and beings its Friday there are not many people left at work and Doug comes around the corner and sees Amber bent over a desk that sits next to one of the bathrooms. She is doing some paper work and her skirt has ridden up showing her tight *** for some reason Doug had this overwhelming urge to just walk up and slap her on the ***. As Doug gets closer he says to himself just do it she won't mind . Doug comes up behind her and looks down at her perfect *** and pulls his hand back and smackers her on the *** her tight firm *** feels so good on his hand. Amber spins around and sees its Doug and she kisses him and this time he kisses her back he pulls away and looks around to see if anyone saw no one is there he starts kissing her again. As they kiss he starts moving his hand to her *** and he grabs it it feels so nice. He pushes them into the bathroom het locks the door and pushes Amber against the wall and starts kissing her she starts unbuttoning her shirt Doug starts kissing his way down her neck . Her bra unhooks in the front Doug frees her *** in no time and he is sucking on one of her right nipple and he is pinching her left one. Amber undoes his pants and they fall to his feet she reaches into his boxers and pulls out his throbbing **** and she says wow and all this time I though your old lady was lying about he big you were . Doug asks her do you like what you see? Amber just smiles and sits down on the toilet and takes his **** in her right hand and puts the head in her mouth and starts to suck on it while she is jacking him then she shoves his huge **** down her throat she pulls back and then all the way back down again she cups his balls in her hand and she pulls on the gently. Doug looks down at her she has spit running down her chin and a
onto her chest  she is giving him the best ******* he has ever had. She pulls her mouth from his **** and looks up at him and says I need this **** in me now. Doug pulls her to her feet and pushes he face first against the wall he pushes her skirt up and pulls her leggings down past her *** she is not wearing any panties. She pushes her *** out and spreads he legs he smacks her ***** a few times with his **** before he starts to push in. He gets just the head in and he asks her are you sure you want this? Amber pushes her *** back hard on Doug's huge **** she lets out a small scream he's as far in as he can get he has bottomed out she has never has a guy do the before Doug starts sliding in and out of her wet ***** she is so tight . Amber says O **** I'm ******* Doug starts pounding her harder and she pushing back on home hard she loves the feeling of him being so deep in her . She is so wet Doug can hear the sucking and slurping sounds of her ***** he says I'm close. Amber says me to baby *** with me *** deep in me  Doug sticks his thumb in his mouth to get it wet then he pushes it into Ambers tight ******* she let's out a scream and starts to *** . Doug can't take any more he shoves in hard and his balls tighten and explodes deep in her ***** spraying with his hit ***. He stays in her as they both catch there breath when he does pull out a bunch of there combined juices come with it Amber grabs is **** and she sucks and licks it clean. They get there clothes on and they kiss again and Amber ask do you wanna spend the weekend *******? Doug says you know I do and he slaps he on the ***. They will meet later at Ambers place.

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31-35, M
Nov 28, 2012