I Love To Write Erotica

And then there was beautiful, Erotic Eye Candy.

I do hope that your New Year's was all that it should have been and you are now thinking about your resolutions for 2013.
Have you ever thought of putting your naked beauty before the world but had trouble finding a sympathetic forum?

Around 11 years ago I learnt a little about computers and stuff and decided that I wanted to write a Kid's/Family styled website to help families budget by cutting down the need to buy expensive books.

The resulting site, Dear Grandpa pencil, is now getting regular visits of around 500 a day and growing and features over 1,500 pages of beaut stuff in an omnibus style.

Since then I have published three blogs including 'Views from the Lighthouse keeper’s Cottage' a blog about my return to Tasmania and my kids after a forced absence of some thirty years and the beautiful home I now live in on the Tamar River, a short spit to the Bass Straight.

Another love of mine, aside from writing, is politics and I take up that challenge with the blog 'Spot the Blog'
I recently volunteered to write a monthly website for my local Community Radio station as well.

My love of Tasmania is such that I want to do everything but, to do that, need a few extra pennies so after months of thought on the subject I have decided to fulfil my bucket list by writing and publishing a blog featuring my final love, that of gentle, beautiful erotica.

Currently in its most basic form the Blog 'The Masked Ball' I now need to 'Flesh it out' and I need your flesh.
The Masked Ball features simply gentle, beautiful erotica.

The naked female body is, to me, much like a gift from above hand delivered by God. To dare show it off publicly is the ultimate truth so, while you are feeling in the mood, why not join us in our little game of Truth and Dare? Dare to bare, dare to be honest, Dare to grow, Dare to live. Dare to send us your photos.
Themaskedball Themaskedball
66-70, M
Jan 9, 2013