Reading Erotica Is Much More Pleasurable Than Watching

Being an avid reader, I get much more pleasure from reading good erotica, than watching ****.

Allowing my mind to build the picture is much more sensual than having the action thrust upon me, visually.

risenphoenix risenphoenix
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2 Responses Mar 8, 2010

Cowboy...thanks for the info. I've never thought about doing that. I have purchased some read stories that are on CD's and transferred them to my MP3 pla<x>yer.

If you have an Ipod or other mpeg pla<x>yer you can download The Best of Erotica <br />
(year) from Audible. It's great because the actors who read the stories are very good and you can listen to it anywhere, in bed, the car, in court, and no one else knows.