Grant Morrison

I am currently reading Grant Morrison's run on Batman & Robin in TP form, also The Long Halloween by Jeff Loeb and Joss Whedon's X-men, i wonder if any of you like these and what you feel about them?
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1 Response Jul 13, 2011

I love Morrison -- he's probably my favorite current superhero author. I've been putting off his Batman stuff until just recently, though, and am just now going through all of it. I've just finished RIP, so the Batman and Robin books are up next I believe. I'll probably start on those as soon as my head clears. :) I take it you read those too (Batman and Son, Black Glove, RIP)? Pretty densely written stuff... at times a bit hard to follow, but really thought provoking. I like that he used ideas from stories written 50 years ago as the genesis for this large, bizarre epic, and it's fun to track down those stories and read them. He's quite an interesting fellow. I look forward to starting the Batman and Robin books as they seem to be everybody's favorite part of Morrison's run on Batman, and they look to be quite different than the dark psychological study and supernatural/hallucinogenic overtones of his first three parts.<br />
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I read the Long Halloween years ago and enjoyed it a lot... I think I generally like my Batman to have dark, street level stories. Bonus when the mob's involved. And anything set during his first years is great. Have you read Year One yet? Long Halloween is somewhat of a follow up to it.