Harry Potter Fanfiction- Hermione/ Snape- Chapter 5

Snapes Chambers

Once Hermione had got into her bed she pulled the covers over her head,

“Lumos” she muttered and suddenly her wand was acting as a torch.

“I Solemnly swear I am up to no good” she whispered, the map opened up and she ran her eyes over it. There was one more thing she had to do before she could rest. She found the name she was searching for, Severus Snape was in his dungeons and appeared to be asleep. Hermione wasn’t foolish. She thought for a few moments about how she could get to her professor’s office. She would need some kind of magic to get pass the portrait and get through the slytherin common room, through the corridors and the potions classroom without getting caught. She also noticed that outside of each house stood two people, these must be the auroras that Dumbledore mentioned, making her mission impossible, even under Harry’s cloak they would notice the portrait door opening by itself. Then it hit her. The house elves moved about the castle unnoticed. She pulled back her bed curtains and called out “Dobby”.Lavender brown stirred in her sleep, “wha you say herm” and she rolled over and within seconds was breathing deeply again. A Pop sound came and Dobby appeared.

“Miss Hermione” Dobby said bowing. She was glad to see that Dobby was wearing one of her hats and two of her socks that she had made.

“Dobby can I ask you to take me to Professor Snape” Dobby looked startled at this.

“Why does miss want to see the potions master? Miss is so nice while the potions master is so scary” dobby squeaked.

“Please Dobby its important, I’l make you your own gown to wear if you do” Dobby was different from most house elves he loved owning clothes. She saw his big eyes light up.

“Thank you miss, it would be an honour to help Harry potters friend” so she slipped on her fluffy knee high socks that matched her pink pyjamas shorts. She threw on a cardigan and then grabbed the invisibility cloak. Dobby seemed to like her knee high socks so she hoped she would remember to make him some.

“Ready Dobby” she said. The small house elf placed his tiny scaly hand her soft hand and then with a click of his fingers Hermione found herself in Snapes classroom. She crept around, why had Dobby brought her here. The she head the footsteps coming from the small cupboard. Oh god he was awake! She stood still in fear. She had seconds to decide what to do. She flung the cloak over her and crouched down under his desk, moving his chair at angle so that he could sit down without noticing her. She heard him swear out loud. “f**king elves” he said. Just then she heard movements from the other side of the room. Someone else had entered the through the classroom doors.

“why is it that you are cursing the elves Severus” said the gentle voice. Hermione was now trapped underneath Snapes desk with not only Snape in the room but with the headmaster as well. She performed a silencing spell around her so that any movements or breathing couldn’t’t be heard. This was one of the only times she had used non verbal magic and she was glad that it worked. Snape seemed to have noticed when she done the spell as he moved towards his chair and sat down

“Are we alone headmaster?” he asked with curiosity. How had he noticed that someone else was in the room, his senses were incredible, but then she wasn’t sure why she was so surprised he was trained for this. He was after all deceiving the dark lord or Dumbledore or even both, he needed to be alert. It was unnerving that nobody knew who Severus Snape was. Hermione looked up from what she could see he was still very weak but looked a little better than the night before. Dumbledore’s eyes glanced down to where Hermione was hidden.

“Yes Severus I believe we are alone, I think you sometimes suffer with paranoia” Severus did not answer this but merely looked down. Hermione felt guilty now, Dumbledore was making him feel like he’s going mad. When Hermione saw into his deep dark eyes that ounce of sadness same as the night before she wanted to pull the cloak from herself and apologise. She wanted to show him he wasn’t going mad. But that would be irrational and she was not ready for that.

“why have you come to see me Albus?”

“I wanted to thank you Severus, for alerting the order about the attack, for your input in the battle”

Severus Snape interrupted Dumbledore one of the only men who ever had Hermione suspected.

“I know you Albus, you did not come to me at such a late hour to say thanks, now out with it” Dumbledore chuckled.

“ahh Severus, you never miss a thing do you” Snape began tapping his fingers impatiently on the desk right above Hermione’s head.

“Albus” he said with an irritated tone.

“Professor Vector has seen your equation change Severus”

“How So?” he asked curiously.

“She has now predicted that you will survive the final battle because of a significant other person, your lines intertwined and this person helps you through the battle Severus. I need to know who that person is”

“I don’t know Headmaster, my actions remain the same, I go from you to the Dark lord back to you, I don’t doubt that one day my spying will be the death of me, you know I don’t believe in every prediction made by Professor Vector so I think you are better having this conversation with her and not me”

“I just thought you should know Severus that there is always hope”

“I Appreciate that Headmaster now I have something to discuss with you, the dark lord wishes for me to have access to him via the floo network. This will be very dangerous and hard but I can’t deny him something else. He is very agitated and is beginning to question my loyalty.”

“Severus I think we could link the fire in your office up to Malfoy Manor , I will work on magic so that you can communicate with him and the other death eaters but will add extra protection so that they cannot enter the school.”

“Is that wise with all these disobedient brats running the hallways? Imagine what Potter would do if he found out” his tone changing when he said the word Potter.

“Severus I don’t doubt for a second that the students at this school will test boundaries but you have a persona that allows you to have distance from the students they will not enter your personal chamber as I believe you scare them too much” with this both the teachers laughed.

“I will work on this and you can tell the darklord you have succeeded , Tom will never come here while I am here, so everyone including yourself is safe in these castle walls.

"Well goodnight Severus”

“Goodnight headmaster” he watched as the old man walked swiftly out of the double doors.
He let out a sigh and he rubbed his forehead. He had felt so stressed and uptight all day. Perhaps sleep would help him tonight, although he would not be getting a lot of it. He got up and headed for the store cupboard. it was now or never Hermione thought and she dashed out from behind the chair. Holding the cloak tightly around her. Severus had already been alert when he sensed someone moving. I bet it’s that bloody Potter he thought. Hermione had stopped, Snape was very close to her. He drew in a deep breath, It did not smell like Potter, whoever it was had a sweet scent of Vanilla and apple. Whoever it was lurking in his classroom was female. A clever one at that, usually when he caught Potter under the cloak it was because of his rapid breathing and noisy footsteps. This intruder was smart. Hermione began moving again this time more slowly so that the cloak couldn’t fall off. She made it to the door way with Snape tailing behind her. She moved as quick as she could throughout the corridor. Turned the corner and headed down the next corridor. Snape knew she was there, every now and then he would reach out and try and grab the cloak, she dodged his hand and all he would feel is thin air. Up ahead of the corridor was the girls bathroom. Hermione dashed for the doorway. Once inside she ran to the end cubicle and pulled off the cloak. She was panicking and slightly out of breath. She didn’t’t know what to do. Snape was surely waiting outside the door and she couldn’t’t lead him all the way to the Gryffindor tower. She thought about how she had gotten to the dungeons and she whispered Dobby’s name. Dobby appeared in front of her.

“Is miss Hermione alright?” Dobby asked.

“Dobby can I ask you to take me back to my bed please”

“Yes miss” and dobby clicked his fingers and she was back in the Gryffindor tower. The house elves magic was amazing she thought.

"Phew that was close" and she let out a sigh.

“Dobby I have one more favour to ask, could you watch professor Snape”

“You want Dobby to spy on potions master?” he asked.

“no not exactly, I want you to look after him, make sure he gets back to his bed and goes to sleep”

“Dobby will try” and he vanished. Hermione was now exhausted, she pulled the covers over her head quickly fell asleep.

When Dobby had found Snape he was arguing with someone. The small house elf watched as the teacher was now furious with a man Dobby did not know.

“Remus I am allowed to walk the corridors, if you haven’t forgotten I work here as a teacher, perhaps instead of judging my actions, you should worry about your own”

“Meaning what?” the man spat back.

“am I not correct in thinking that Nymphadora is pregnant? I didn’t know werewolves could mate” Lupin was furious now. He pulled out his wand and pointed it at Severus chest. Dobby didn’t’t know what to do. He clicked his fingers and Remus Lupin’s wand had disappeared and he went flying through the air. Snape although confused thought this was rather amusing.

“give me my wand Severus”

“I don’t have it” he replied.

“Don’t lie to me or else” Remus shot back. Snape snarled at him then.
“Never threaten me again Remus and don’t question my authority in this school, now go and do you job and protect Precious Potter” Snape turned towards his classroom. “Albus will hear about this” and Remus got up and left in the opposite direction. Snape waited until he was out of site, it reminded him that nothing had changed between the two and it had been over 20 years since they both walked the castle as students. Snape leaned his head against the stone cold wall. He has had one hell of a night he thought. He suddenly felt very tired, so tired that he slumped down the wall and began dozing off. Dobby cheered, he had done was Miss Hermione had asked him. He had protected the potions master and made him fall asleep. He quickly moved the potions master to his bed, removed his shoes and left him to sleep. Very happy and pleased with himself Dobby Apparated back to the kitchen.



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Great story!
Do you think you could do one as a sort of spin off? A new student starting at Hogwarts, possibly from a muggle family, and gets chosen into either Ravenclaw or Hufflepuff. Mainly about the first week, all the questions that would arise: what is a house elf?, how do I get the laundry done?, do I need a library card to rent a book? how do I use a quill without breaking it? etc. Maybe even the first trip to Diagon Alley, how to change muggle money to wizard ones, how to get a loan or recieve a scholarship...