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I Read This Book Because Its About Friendship.........!!!

its kind of weired but its true....i have always desired friends in my life and i have nevr had any!! i was a loner and i had been  like  this always and then after sum time i lost faith in people. it was like  i don't trust them to play any important part in my life....thy just cease to exist for me! but sumwhere i still wanted a friend i cud talk to.... and to whom i cud share my several thoughts................but it was like a dream which..... seemd hard to become a reality!!
and then i saw this movie......its first part....i felt realy good....!!
it was so amazing to see three children try to understand the riddles of life, trying to adjust with sudden change of was so gud to see thm togather!!
i then decided to read the series everyone was talking abt.....and in no time become an ardent fan....!!!
my favourite parts are the :- prisoner of azkban., order of phenoix, and deathly hallows........!!

there is no need to explain the story and its contents i just want to share with u the reason i still read these books at least once in a year....
its because i never cease to admire the pure and unconditional friendship it speaks about..........becoz it explains a simple truth of human life.......a simple truth which assures us that when we have true friends the most darkest and the most difficult phases looks comforatble and manageable......................!!
true friends like a blanket warms u when life put u through the most coldest and lonely tests...........

i never cease to admire how hermione and ronald gave away evrything for a harry like helping him is not even a question to think it has to be like this!!
there are charcters who are the narration of what friendship is and wht it shud be.......!
and then there are sirius and james who are two people who gave away everything for the friends they believe in.......they are two character who are in a parallel universe and are trying to battle it out against the world of discipline and rules........the bond they share...,their faith in each other is the hallmark of this book....!!

ofcourse the book also speaks about how ur close frinds can be ur worst they can take away everything u have ever built....
yet its a soul touching story of people who choose to be the anchoring force in the life of their friends.......!! it rekindle faith..., believe that life actually gets better when u choose to break ur fort and let urself have a chance to be happy.....and loved !!!!

i believe in this with all the my heart.....!!! all u need to trust urself and the other person....its a key !!!!
snuffal snuffal 26-30, F 1 Response Apr 22, 2011

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yes H P is a witch's tale but your right its also about relationships,although the first thing to understand is love yourself and take yourself for who you are then you'll do the same for others.