Richard Matheson Is a Genius

I bought a copy of I Am Legend a bit ago and just finished reading it the other day.  The copy I have contains not only IAL but also several of Matherson's short stories.  He's like Stephen King only 10x better (and I like King's old stuff, it's way better than the newer things I've read).

The entire time, whether it was the shorts or IAL, I didn't want to put it down.  Suspenseful and humurous, I liked it more than the movie.  Plus, it explained the vampire-creatures  :]  That was a huge plus!

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Outercalm: Yes, those are the other two. I have at least Omega Man on my NetFlix list.<br />
About half the book was Neville trying to find a reason for the vampires, so it was very scientific. But it was also just a human-drama, of being by himself and doing horrible things and killing humanoids to stay alive.

I haven't read the book but have read that Matheson was trying to put forth a scientific explanation for vampires.<br />
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It has been made into a movie three times. The other two are I think are titled Last Man on Earth and Omega Man.

Whuttup: Yeah, that's true. I know Maya says something about him being a legend at the end, but I liked the book description of why he was so much better.<br />
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Crazymanj: I kind of did actually. It explained what made them 'vampires' and, in turn, why they behaved the way they did. It was a brilliant explanation as well.

does the book get into the intelligence of the darklings or whatever their called. It seemed like the movie may have left out some good stuff.

Ya, the movie doesn't even explain its title... which is kinda shocking when you think about it. What's the last time you went to a movie and after watching it had no idea why it had the name it did? Seems like that should be the first rule of naming a movie, make it make sense.