March 2009 For Aries

March 2009 for Aries


After uniting in Aquarius (your house of friendship, Aries), the planets decide to move on, each one at its own pace.

The sun and Uranus are marching through your house of seclusion as the month starts and you’re preparing something in the dark and since Jupiter is in your house of friendships it must involve people that you belong to, like an association, a group, etc. Be careful, this sun is standing next to Uranus and face to face with Saturn. Don’t get involved with something that you might regret or get caught doing like illegal actions. After the 21st, the sun will hop into your sign, so happy birthday.

Venus is in your sign Aries, but in retrograde motion starting the 6th of March, marking unbalance in your nature, starting that date. I’m sorry the readings are awful but that it is how things are happening. Venus, Mercury and the sun in your sign will square Pluto starting the 20th and you’re definitely clashing with an authority.

Mercury and Mars are withdrawing energy from Pluto and opposing Saturn when in Pisces, and then squaring Pluto as the month ends. Explanation is simple, you’re getting equipped in the dark for a fight, and after you’re ready, you’re going to make it.


Summary: A word of caution to you Aries; you’re the one who seems disrupting the peace this month…I see you entangled in the web of government authorities (police) or an authority or fatherly figure of that kind like your boss, your father… Forewarned is forearmed, the rest is up to you.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2009