March 2009 For Taurus

March 2009 for Taurus


The sun has left your house of social status to shine over your house of friendships, where Uranus is. Be aware that spending time with your friends, like going for a trip or even spending time together, won’t be appreciated by your house, like children, or your beloved one(s) this month, and so quarrels will be on the way, especially when the decisions are quick and sudden.

Venus is in Aries, and in harmony with Jupiter, you’re probably doing something in private that will raise your social success or that has the blessings of someone you look up to. But Venus will turn retrograde motion starting the 6th of March, marking a disruption of harmony that will end up clashing with another major authority of law/ethics or religion that you will take notice of after the 20th. Are you working on a piece of art or a book? Be ready for critique. Be ready to redo your whole project all over again. Be careful of sabotage.

Mercury and Mars are trying to bring you good times with your friends / energy and wit to your projects done in private, but are opposed by a reprimanding power. 


Summary:  Don’t ruin the good job you did last month; some people are opposing you /not appreciating your efforts. Keep a low profile this month and wait until the winds have shifted.


kallindo kallindo
26-30, M
Feb 26, 2009